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Gel Memory Foam 8" Mattress

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Featuring one inch of Charcoal Memory Foam infused with TruGel® Memory Foam.

Our innovative 8 inch thick Charcoal Gel Memory Foam mattresses feature the body-conforming comfort of memory foam. You'll find this mattress to be lightly-conforming comfort on top, with stable deep-down support below.

8″ Profile

Charcoal Memory Foam infused TruGel® with active charcoal that filters out harmful elements and controls odor, fighting mold and mildew. 

TruGel® absorbs heat and provides maximum cooling to allow your body to transition into a better night’s sleep.

TEMPTEC™ fabric removes humidity within the sleep environment & provides a cooler sleep surface, improving the quality of your sleep all night long.

Balanced pressure relief from memory foam responds to the weight of the body, eliminating pressure points and providing relief for your body's aches and pains.

Engineered body support foam acts as a shock absorber to cradle the weight of your body. This helps to support natural spinal alignment and healthy bone structure.

Promotes coolness, breathability & comfortable sleep!

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Comes with a 5-Year Limited Warranty

Also available in 6" and 10" variations. 

Enjoy indulgent comfort at an affordable price with a Beds To Go mattress from Sleep First. In-stock and ready to ship!

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