Beautyrest Black Hybrid CX-Class Plush Mattress

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    Get i.

    You won’t regret this purchase

    I’m so in love with my beauty rest mattress! I’m normally not a firm mattress type of girl but this one is firm yet soft enough to mold to my body. I hadn’t had this good of a night’s sleep in years. I’m normally leery about foam because I’m scared it will start to sag or won’t hold form; but not this mattress. I’m impressed at how easily the shape springs back. I feel super supported and my lower back no longer aches in the morning. My fiancé has slept on it too and our votes are in: 2 votes for yes all the way!


    Great product

    I am very happy with our new beautyrest black hybrid plush queen size mattress. The stitching seems to be high quality. I love how rested i am when waking up. I have never had a plush mattress i have always went with a firmer mattress so i was apprehensive until i had my first sleep in it and did that change my mind completely. The change in my sleep waking up rested everyday was amazing! This mattress is so soft it feels like it envelopes your body with a full hug. Black in color helps with stains showing as we all have that oops moment. I will definitely being getting another for our guest room.


    Long lasting sleep!

    I could not be happier with this mattress. It offers wonderful support, but also gives the impression of softness. I am mostly a back sleeper with occasional side to side sleeper. The mattress to me is both soft enough on top and firm enough in support to make it a real pleasure to sleep on. It provides Wonderful body support. I am pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this bed is! The first day when I woke up in the morning I had no body aches whatsoever! I had no back pain that I used to get from my current one. The quality of the mattress is sustainable and will last a long time. The aesthetics of the mattress itself is pleasing to the eye and feature two durable side handles on each side to transfer the mattress easily. I also, started using a mattress protector to protect it for longer use. Pros >Long lasting sleep, Not waking up hour to hour because of body discomfort. >provides an even amount of plush and firmness. >Amazing back support, meaning no body pain First thing I notice. > Grate features, like the two side handles , How comfort it is to sleep on. Cons > Not Really a Con, But it could be if you plan on moving the mattress yourself. It is very heavy, but the mattress provides to size handles on each side if you had another person helping you. Overall, I am, so happy with this mattress and the amazing sleepy I know I will continue to receive.


    Love this bed

    This bed provided great support to help me maintain good sleep. I felt this was a high-quality bed, that provided good posture support. I have figured out over many years, my life changes throughout the life of a bed. My sleep also is constantly changing. I needed a bed that model that was going to best support my needs throughout life. This bed has many great feature firmness, coolness, support and flexibility


    Better Sleep!

    Better sleep! We have been using this mattress for more than a month now and I can only say all good things about it. It is very nice looking mattress, made with high quality fabric and the choice of black color has added more appeal. The mattress is so thick that it has created layers of great comfort. I’ve always had back pains whenever I wake up but since using this mattress, I never had any. No matter how I slept, lying on my back or on my side, it is just very comfortable. We fall asleep a lot quicker and always having a better sleep. The firmness is just perfect. It is not too soft and not too firm. What I also love in the mattress is that we can get on and off the bed unnoticed. That is how great its support is. This is by far the best mattress we ever had. We have tried several mattresses to match our needs and this has exceeded our expectations. You can never go wrong choosing this mattress. It is all worth the price.