Beautyrest Black Hybrid CX-Class Medium Mattress

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    Black hybrid mattress cx class medium

    -----That it is a very good product overall that it has a very unique type feel that it is the right amount of softness to it but it is still firm somewhat it has a way more feeling if comfortableness than possibly alot if products that could be similar as well


    Quality Mattress with Comfort and has Good Lumbar

    I have been using this Beautyrest Black Hybrid CX Class Medium Mattress for over two months now. This mattress has coils and foam it has excellent lumbar support along with comfort. You can be lying or sitting on the mattress with someone and when they move you barely feel it. The mattress has deeper pockets so make sure the sheets you get can stretch or buy deep pockets. If you get a mattress pad make sure it has deep pocket fit. The mattress covering has quality stitching material .

    Sleeping g.

    Best Sleep Ever

    Since getting the Black Hybrid CX – Class – Medium Queen-sized mattress, I can honestly say I have not had a bad night’s sleep. The mattress provides great support with its layers of memory foam and pocketed coils. When sleeping on my previous mattress, I would wake up with lower back or neck pain, but not with this product. I frequently move from my back to my side while sleeping and have found it extremely comfortable to sleep in either orientation. The mattress is firm enough that my husband or I can reposition and not cause the other to roll into a divot in the center of the mattress. There are no noticeable sags from sitting on the edge of the mattress to put on shoes Being a woman of age, I find it extremely hard to sleep when I am hot. Even when sleeping with my husband and three dogs, the air cool memory foam helps keep me cool and comfortable. Being from Michigan where the temperature jumps all over the place, I have managed to not wake up in the middle of the night hot because of the cooling technology built into this mattress. Due to the height of this mattress, I purchased a streamline box spring, but it is personal preference if you choose to use one. You will need deep pocket sheets to accommodate this 13.5-inch mattress. I would recommend this mattress to anyone looking for an extremely comfortable, high-quality mattress. I have never owned a hybrid mattress before, but I am sold on them now. This mattress will provide you with the perfect environment for an excellent night’s sleep.


    Sleep Beautifully with Beautyrest!

    I was fortunate enough to receive the Beautyrest Black® Hybrid CX-Class - Medium, Queen mattress. I have used the product for about a month and have had the best sleep in a very long time. The following is my review: 1. Appearance - I was very pleased with the beauty of this black mattress with the interesting orange piping. It looks so pretty and neat on the bed. The material seems very sturdy and well made, very pleasing to the touch. I’ve always had a white mattress and I actually love the black. 2: Function - The mattress fit perfectly on my bed frame. When I got on the mattress to sleep, I could not believe the support and comfort. I felt it confirm to my body, but not that “sinking in” feeling that I hate. I feel like I will sleep all over this mattress, as opposed to laying in just one spot. There are no lumps, bumps or ditches in this well made mattress. I chose the medium support, which is perfect. You must have deep pocket sheets for this item. Pros: 1.The beauty of the mattress 2. Excellent support 3. Well made construction 4. Durability Cons: 1. It’s a very thick mattress and for a petite lady it can be challenging 2. It seems to hold body heat a bit more than I like, I prefer to sleep cool. All said, this is a wonderful product to look at and use. You can beat a good night’s sleep for health, and in my opinion this mattress lends itself to being part of overall self care.


    Classy and Comfy!

    Beautyrest Black® Hybrid CX-Class - Medium, Queen Mattress is like heaven on earth. I must admit, the black mattress was a questionable idea in my original thought process. However, the black keeps the mattress looking beautiful. I found the queen size to fit perfectly on my frame. The look of this mattress is really incredible. It is very elegant and the material is so breathable and durable. The mattress is also incredibly comfortable. It is firm without being hard and incredibly soft without being uncomfortably soft. This mattress is incredible but it is also expensive. You are receiving a high quality product and I believe you get what you pay for. This mattress is a pretty penny but most definitely worth every dime. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a comfortable, breathable, elegant mattress and has the funds to afford this one.