X-Chair X3 ATR Mgmt Chair

X3 Management Office Chair

Introducing X3, the most innovative and comfortable executive chair yet. ATR Mgmt Chair with dynamic variable lumbar dvl combines groundbreaking fabric technology, sophisticated styling, and a super responsive foam to deliver a 21st century chair that’s sleek, comfortable and practical. No more sitting in the same position and dreading the back ache that strikes after a long day. Mesh fabric contours to your back and the high density molded foam on the seat delivers enhanced comfort.

X3 office chair by X-Chair

You’ll enjoy more flexibility and spring with the X3 than with you traditional office chair. The ATR MGMT Chair is waterproof and resistant to both spills and stains. Your chair will look pretty good for many years to come.

Key Features of the X3 Chair

Here’s what you get with your new ATR Mgmt Chair:

Dynamic Variable Lumbar

Variable lumbar dvl support self-adjusts your body’s posture as you recline. Lumbar support promotes a healthy spine curvature.

High Resiliency Molded Foam Seat

Super responsive foam in the seat’s cushion delivers a familiar traditional feel plus extra support. Paired with the Advanced Recovery Fabric, X3’s comfort is next to none.

Advanced Tensile Recovery Fabric (ATR)

Woven multilayered nylon on X3 is both responsive and supportive, providing more elasticity and spring. ATR is resistant to water, spills and stains.

Adjustable seat height

Quickly adjust your seat height so feet rest on the ground while your knees at a 90° angle.

SciFloat Infinite Recline

X-Chairs recline technology ensures your body stays in motion the entire day. Scifloat promotes circulation, invigorates your body, and keeps you alert to tackle your tasks.

Adjustable Headrest

*No more head or neck strain. X-Chair’s headrest features adjustable height and angle. No matter what position you sit in, the X-3’s headrest can pivot to keep you comfortable.

Adjustable Backrest Height

Adjust your backrest height to fully support your spine from your neck to the lumbar curve.

4-Dimensional Armrests

Keeping your arm in one position hurts. X-Chair easily moves with you. Easily adjust the armrest height, depth, width, and angle as you move throughout the day.

Accessories: X-wheel and memory foam, footrest, x-caster wheels

ATR Mgmt Chair - Design and Construction

Made of mesh, silver metal and plastic, the X3 chair is quite attractive and has that feel of a premium office chair. The mesh fabric is available in four colors; blue, grey, black, and glacier.

X-Chair X3 ATR Mgmt Warranty

X3 office chair comes with 15 years warranty. Moving components and materials are covered for 5 years. For the firs two years, X-Chair will replace damaged or defective parts due to low-quality construction or workmanship free and bear the full cost of shipping. The customer bears the cost of shipping for the next three years while X-Chair will pay for part replacement.

X-Chair X-3 ATR Mgmt Chair Specs

  • Height With Headrest: 45" - 54"

  • Height Without Headrest: 39.75" - 46.5"

  • Arm to Floor: 23.5" - 27"

  • Seat Width: 20.5"

  • Back Width: 20.5"

  • Overall Width: 26.5"

  • Seat to Floor: 18.5" - 23"

  • Arm Pivot: 2" (Either Way)

  • Headrest Adjustment:2.5"

  • Arm Height Adjustment: 3.5"

  • Arm Depth Adjustment: 2"

  • Seat Depth: 19.5"

  • Seat Depth Adjustment: 2"

  • Base: Polished Aluminum Base

  • Recline Angle: 40 degrees

  • Total Weight: 68 lbs.

  • Maximum Load Weight: 340 lbs.

  • flex mesh technology

Shop for an X3 Chair Today

Visit a Sleep First mattress store near you and shop for the x3 or place your order online. We can help you with x3 chair assembly and deliver your fully assembled chair to your location the same-day.

X-Chair FAQs

Below are answers to X3 X-Chair related questions below:

What is the price of an X-chair?

The X-Chair starts at $699.99 for the basic X-Chair X1 Flex Mesh Task Chair and goes all the way up to $1,199.99 for the X-Chair X4 Leather Exec Chair.

what is the difference between an X1 and x3 X-chair

While X1 incorporates flesh mesh technology a breathable and long-lasting material, the X3 uses the A.T.R fabric, which is spill and stain resistant.

Is the X3 X-Chair worth it?

If you're looking for an innovative X-Chair that can provide enhanced support and ensure blood circulation, concentration and energy, the x3 chair can be a good purchase.

Does the x3 have a heat and massage option?

Yes, it does. For an extra $100, you can get the x3 chair with ELEMAX massage technology that offers constant and variable massage for roughly 15 minutes. The massage chairs supports four massage models and two levels of massage intensity.

What is the dynamic variable lumbar support?

It is a self-adjusting mechanism that responds to your body's weight, back pressure and movement, propping up your lumbar so you can seat comfortably for longer.

How comfortable is an X3 by X-Chair?

Compared to basic office chairs with traditional fabrics, the x3 is way more comfortable offers as it features a high density molded foam seating surface with more give and spring.