Serta iComfort® Foam CF3000 Plush Mattress

Every moment you touch the CF3000 Plush mattress is a cool one.

The Max Cold™ Cover is cool-to-the-touch, and the UltraCold System™ paired with Carbon Fiber Memory Foam work hard to absorb excess heat from your body, then channel it away, all while you sleep comfortably.

The result is cool support with a comfortably plush feel. The CF3000 is one of the coolest iComfort models ever!

  • UltraCold System™
  • Max Cold™ Cover
  • Carbon Fiber Memory Foam
  • Compatible with Serta Adjustable Foundations

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      Bad for side sleepers

      The plush top is soft at first but after a while you sink and hit "rock" bottom. You might as well be sleeping on the floor. Not sure if it’s the underlaying coils or if the fabric doesn't stretch enough. To be honest my wife likes the feel of hers, granted she weights like 50 lb less than I do. Also, one of the mattresses we got is defective with one of the corners measuring about an inch less than the rest of the mattress. We are returning these; but they are making us pay a hefty restocking fee even though they had said that returns are ok if you buy a mattress protective cover, which we did.


      This is the worst mattress.

      This is the worst mattress. I wake up with my hip and back hurting me. I have had this mattress for 30 days now and it is still very uncomfortable.


      Not as plush as my old Icomfort plush matrress

      I had an IComfort plush mattress for 9nyears. I decided to replace it. I bought it through a local dealer on line. It was delivered and I immediately sat on it to check the comfort level. With the old mattress when it was delivered I sank down into a cloud of heavenly comfort. This new CF3000 feels like like it has the comfort level of laying on a board. The tag says “Plus” but as far as I’m concerned it is at least medium if not firm. I called the retailer an they said it could take up to 3-4 weeks to achieve the plush comfort level. My old iComfort was Plush as soon as it was delivered. I’ll give it a week then see where it is at with the comfort level.


      Less than 2 years old and it causes excruciating pain!

      Based on my experience, I would NOT even accept this mattress if someone paid me to take it! That’s how bad it is! Don’t do it! You’ll regret it within 1-3 years if you do! I’m hoping my review might save other people from making the same mistake I did, and also having to live in the extreme pain that I do now. I wrongfully assumed that my serta cf 3000 plush would be a great, reliable and durable mattress because the brand Serta has been around for so long. I was beyond excited when I purchased it (less than 2 years ago). At the time I purchased it, I even thought it was a decent price for a little over $2,000. Now (less than 2 years later!) it is sagging so badly that I wake up in EXCRUCIATING PAIN! My back, neck and shoulders hurt more than any pain I’ve ever experienced! My initial thoughts when I bought it was that the price was reasonable, but less than 2 years later I can honestly say that I would NOT accept this mattress if it was offered to me for FRER! THAT’S how bad the pain is! The plush comfort lasted for approximately 19 months. Now I’m stuck with a droopy, ridiculously squishy and saggy mattress that causes so much pain it causes me to wake up multiple times every night to readjust because I hurt so badly. When I wake up in the morning the pain is agonizing, and doesn’t go away for several hours. Just know that it may feel great in the store, and you may even love it for a short time at home…but sooner than later you’ll remember my review, realize what a mistake the purchase was and you’ll wish you had purchased a $50 used mattress from a garage sale because it probably would’ve felt better and been more durable than the cf3000 plush! I don’t know if the sagginess measures low enough to meet the warranty criteria yet so I’ll be stuck with this horrendous pain every night and every morning until it does. Sorry for such a long review but I hope that people take my review into consideration before buying this mattress or before assuming that a Serta mattress will be durable simply because the company has been around for so long.


      Had to return due to excessive off gassing

      This is a very comfortable mattress. It's firmer than most foam-based plush mattresses, but had enough give for a side sleeper. The problem with this mattress is its toxicity and how much it off-gassed. I was only able to sleep on the mattress 1 night and woke up with a terrible headache and have been having an ongoing asthma attack since. We left the mattress in our bedroom with fans pulling fresh air through it for a week, but it didn't get any better. We eventually decided to return it. The chemical smell it left in our bedroom is still so intense 2 weeks later, we're having to steam-clean the carpets and drapes. I've never had this kind of issue with a mattress (or any new furniture) before. Definitely steer clear of this mattress.