Serta iComfort CF3000 Hybrid Medium Mattress


The CF3000 Hybrid mattress pairs advanced cooling technology with a medium feel. 

The Max Cold™ Cover is cool-to-the-touch, and the UltraCold System™ paired with Carbon Fiber Memory Foam work hard to absorb excess heat from your body and channel it away. 

At the same time, the 1025 iComfort® Hybrid Support™ System with BestEdge® Foam Encasement supports every curve of your body, so you sleep comfortably.

Max Cold™ Cover
Made from super cool high-performance fibers for an instant cool-to-the-touch sensation.

UltraCold System™
This layer of extra-cool Carbon Fiber Memory Foam is engineered to work hard at absorbing excess heat from your body, then channel it away, all while you sleep comfortably.

Carbon Fiber Memory Foam
Every iComfort mattress is made with exclusive Carbon Fiber Memory Foam. This system channels heat away from your body and provides exceptional strength for back and neck support.

1025 iComfort® Hybrid Support™ System with BestEdge® Foam Encasement
In this advanced innerspring system, individually wrapped coils work independently to conform to every curve of your body and provide durable support.

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    After a year.....

    After a year and 5 months, my mattress sinks as if someone put the edge of a table there and that permanent mark is still there.



    I am a side sleeper with hips that hurt and keep me up all night, my husband is a back sleeper with degenerative disc disease and lower back pain. We switched from a very expensive mattress to this Serta iComfort CF3000 Hybrid Plush mattress and both my husband and I love it! This mattress provides support while also being plush hugging your body making you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. I am also a very hot sleeper and put off a lot of heat making me wake up covered in sweat, and making my husband move farther and farther away from me. This mattress makes me feel cool and comfortable and my husband says that my heat doesn't wake him up at all anymore. We can actually sleep through the night on this mattress! Our only complaint is that the mattress puts off a strong chemical smell that hits you as soon as you walk in the room, and gets stronger while laying on it. Hopefully it will go away over time.


    So comfy!

    Love this bed! It wasn’t too hard not too soft, I found the sample at a JCpenny and it was sooo expensive there ! I thought maybe look at the Serta website and it was half the price I guess that happens when you cut out the middle man. So I definitely recommend and they delivered it thank goodness it was extremely heavy my husband said. Also I was happy they got rid of my old mattress as well one less worry I had to have.


    This mattress hugs your body!

    Simply amazing!Cannot believe the difference in a good nights sleep that we have with this hybrid comfort mattress! It literally has that memory foam that hugs your body and don't think I moved an inch all night. Silky feeling on the top and is cool to the touch. You can feel the coolness as you lay on it . Bet that this will really pay off in the summer and keep us from sweating on those stuffy nights! Would seriously recommend this Serta mattress and do believe would be great for backaches or any other ailments you have. Very heavy duty and is a little taller than our other mattress was, so am on the lookout for jersey sheets which are soft and stretchy.Really look forward to going to bed now! Thank you Serta!


    Sweet Dreams

    I previously purchased an all foam flippable bed in a box. After suffering for a month trying to get a good night’s sleep, I decided to return it & order myself a mattress from the experts, Serta. It did take several weeks to arrive, but the minute I laid down on it I knew it was worth the wait. This mattress is so soft & plush, so comfortable & downright amazing, I have a hard time making myself get up in the morning. I never really realized the difference between sleep & restful sleep but I do now. I no longer get up tired & drag through my day. I was also really surprised at how well the cooling properties work. You can literally feel the coolness when you touch the bed. Of course after laying in one spot for a while that coolness eases, but it’s never hot—more of a nice, neutral temp. I’m not the only one in love with this mattress—my 2 dogs are obsessed & I constantly find them napping on my iComfort. Thank you Serta for giving me & my fur babies the rest we were lacking. Highly recommend!