Purple TwinCloud Pillow Purple TwinCloud Pillow
Purple TwinCloud Pillow
Purple TwinCloud Pillow
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Purple TwinCloud Pillow


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The classic down-alternative pillow, reinvented.

The secret to this cushioning nirvana is the patented reversible cotton cover construction that literally makes the TwinCloud two pillows in one.

Get softer or firmer support in just a matter of seconds without removing messy filling or struggling with inserts. Simply flip, zip, and... Zzzs.


Adjustable Support
The patented construction lets you easily fine-tune to best fit your sleep position and support needs. Opt for softer, lower support or unzip, flip, and re-zip for a higher, firmer feel.

Classic, Down-Like Support
Engineered to mimic down, the Purple Cloud’s silky-soft fibers provide plush, moldable cushioning that supports the head and neck.

Always-Fluffy Filling
The crimped gel fibers are coated with silicone to offer enhanced durability and won't fall flat or clump – even after washing.

Allergy + Airflow-Friendly
The breathable, 100% cotton cover encases premium, down-like fibers that won’t trap heat or trigger allergies.


  • Standard pillow dimensions: 17" x 24" x 6"
  • Standard pillow weight: 3 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Way to soft, not firm in any way

I have heard so many people talk about purple products. I was so very excited about getting this pillow. First night, slept on the soft side. This side would be perfect for sitting up in the bed and watching tv. Second night, slept on the “firm” side. Still way soft and not firm enough. I woke up hurting across my shoulders more than I have in a while. I really wanted to like this pillow but now I have a hundred plus dollar pillow for my bed that I can’t return it because they give you the run around and want to replace instead of refund. So disappointing!

T.G. Caesar
Most worthless Pillow I have ever purchased

Had high hopes for this pillow, especially considering the price. This is the thinnest pillow I have ever had. There is Zero firmness to this pillow. I have a better experiance with the pillows from Sams Club for $20. I will be returning immediately. Highly recommend avoiding and trying something else.

Not as miraculous as I had hoped

I thought the idea of this reversible pillow was ingenious, but after a few months of use there isn't much difference between the soft vs firm sides. As a side sleeper, I have trouble with my pillows going flat in the middle despite attempts to refluff and redistribute the stuffing. I'm having the same problem with this pillow despite having it on the "firm" side. At this point, my "firm" pillow is less supportive than my husband's "soft"-sided pillow. The search for the perfect pillow continues.

Buy this one

Checked all the boxes for expert side sleepers also no pillows case for king twin with special pocket must but regular king case

Can't go wrong with the purple products

I like everything about it I use it to sleep on very comfortable

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