Purple Mattress Purple Mattress Purple Mattress Purple Mattress Purple Mattress Purple Mattress Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress
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Purple Mattress


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Height: 9.25"
Comfort: Medium
Type: Hybrid

Availability: In Stock


Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with the Purple Mattress, the mattress that started it all. The instantly adaptive GelFlex™ Grid paired with a layer of comfort foam eases pressure, while a layer of base support foam provides adaptive stability with less bounce.

9.25" Total mattress height

SoftFlex Cover

  • Breathable stretch material flexes with the GelFlex® Grid as you move

2" of GelFlex Grid

  • Instantly adapts to your shape and movement.
  • Cradles pressure points
  • Draws excess heat away

Comfort Foam

  • Comfort Foam layer conforms to your body and helps isolate motion

Support Foam

  • Durable Base Support Foam layer provides added stability and support
  • Edge Support Foam provide stable comfort when getting in and out of bed

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Causes back pain

I was initially really excited about this mattress and did a lot of research and trying out different beds before deciding on the Purple. It seemed comfortable once we got used to the weird feeling of it and liked it for a little while, but it's caused a lot of back pain for me. I toss and turn and wake up with aches and pain. My hips don't sink into this bed much at all and it feels like I'm sleeping on a board. I get much better sleep on my old mattress that's in our guest room. My husband complains that he overheats on this mattress and it does seem to trap heat in the grid. We'd like to return our purple mattress or try to exchange it, but we're past the 100 day return period so I haven't tried getting in touch with customer service... We should have went with one of the brands that has a 365 return period. Currently looking for a different brand mattress and we haven't even had this mattress a full year yet. I really wanted to love this bed. I'm bummed.

Rob K.
8 years downhill

The time I find a mattress I love, purple goes cost cutting and produces a mattress topper with a grid top. 8 years with my first, bought a queen and twin. Twin needs replacement and the new one is cheap, thin, and lightweight. 3 purple mattresses, 3 purple pillows, 4 sets of sheets, and purple comforter and this is the last thing I buy from purple.

Nolyn A.
Second mattress purchase and it’s very different

We bought our mattress I believe it was a fourth premier top-of-the-line with purple and it’s amazing. We love it so I decided to buy a mattress for my daughter and a twin size I didn’t buy the premier line and it’s unfortunately Steph, and not as comfortable. I didn’t think they would be such a drastic discrepancy between the two mattresses. Wish I knew but for future will only buy premier line

Christian C.
Simple and effective

So glad I got it.

Karis E.
Best investment

Have had back pain after waking up for as long as I can remember. The very first night, every back pain was gone and haven’t had issues since!

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