EASE® 4.0 Power Base EASE® 4.0 Power Base EASE® 4.0 Power Base EASE® 4.0 Power Base EASE® 3.0 Power Base Bed Base Tempur-Pedic
EASE® 4.0 Power Base
EASE® 4.0 Power Base
EASE® 4.0 Power Base
EASE® 4.0 Power Base
EASE® 3.0 Power Base Bed Base Tempur-Pedic
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EASE® 4.0 Power Base


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The Ease 4.0 adjustable base is a fully integrated sleep system that provides you with the essentials for a personalized sleep experience. Unlimited head and foot positions make it easy to customize your sleep and relaxation positions. Try out numerous ergonomic positions for the ultimate support as your watch TV, read, relax or sleep.

Tempur Pedic Ease 4.0 is an easy way to add adjustability to your bed and create the best environment to relax. With this bed frame, you can raise your head up to 57° and feet up to 50°. Legs easily attach to the base and can be adjusted from 3" up to 9" in seconds. The base can easily fit inside your bed furniture or stay on top of most platform beds.

Key Features

Check out the features of the Tempur Pedic Ease 4.0 adjustable base:

Customized comfort: Equipped with limitless head and foot positions, the Tempur Pedic power base gives you options for personalized comfort and support. Adjustable 3-in-one legs allow you to adjust the bed's height without needing extra tools. Like Tempur Ego base, this base is adaptable to your needs but has the added advantage of a pillow tilt option.

Zero Gravity Preset: Raise your head and feet closely simulate weightlessness and relieve pressure from your back as you relax or sleep.

Wireless remote: Use the one-touch preset buttons and backlight to adjust head and foot positions to find your position in the dark.

Quick Setup: Lightweight construction and compact packaging make it easy to maneuver and set up anywhere in your house.

EASE® 4.0 Adjustable Base - FAQs

Find answers to common questions about Ease 4.0.

How do adjustable beds with wireless remote work?

Adjustable bases are powered by motors and controlled by a remote. Technology does all the adjustment work for the perfect body positioning. Press the remote button and wait for the adjustable bed to raise or lower itself into any position you want.

Can adjustable base stop snoring?

Similar to a head positioning pillow, the adjustable base allows for slight head elevation, which may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who often snore to their boy's position.

Is an adjustable bed good for side sleepers?

With an adjustable 4.0 bed, side sleepers can enjoy better rest and sleep. Use the head and feet raised position to ensure proper spine alignment.

Can adjustable base fit inside bed furniture?

Yes, the adjustable 4.0 base can fit inside the bed frame on its legs. Remove the slats on the inside of the bed frame and place the adjustable base inside.

Is Tempurpedic Ease 4.0 Adjustable Base worth it?

If you're looking for a no-frills adjustable power base for your mattress, the tempur pedic ease base with adjustable head and foot positions can be a perfect choice.

Is it a good idea to adjust your sleeping position?

Adjusting your sleep position can help relieve back pressure, sleep apnea, and prevent snoring, something the tempur-pedic ease base is designed to do.

EASE® 4.0 - Dimensions

  • Twin XL - 37.5" x 79.5"
  • Full /Double - 53.5" x 73.5"
  • Queen - 59.5" x 79.5"
  • King (2 pieces) - 75.5" x 39.75" each piece (horizontally split)
  • CA King (2 pieces) - 71.5" x 41.75" each piece (horizontally split)
  • Split King (2 pieces) - 37.5" x 79.5" each piece (vertically split)
  • Split CA King (2 pieces) -35.5" x 83.5" each piece (vertically split)

Please Note: Bases are purposefully built to slightly smaller dimensions than the corresponding mattresses they support to ensure compatibility with bedroom furniture.

Full Coverage: 3 Year Parts & Labor

Full Coverage: 5 Year for Parts Only

Full Coverage: 25 Year Frame Warranty

*platform bed compatibility subject to rated support weight capacity of the platform bed furniture; bed furniture must be strong enough to hold the base, mattress and person(s)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews


Nice Basic Adjustable Bae

This is a nice no frills adjustable base. The remote is very easy to use and I like the one button return. There is also a one button zero gravity position that is quite nice. It is not your typical zero gravity however. In this one, both your feet and head are elevated. Normally, your feet to a level above your head and your back is flat. I must say that I enjoy both forms of Zero Gravity!!! Lastly, it is nice that you can adjust the height of the base by adding or removing "pegs" from the legs. The pegs simply screw into bottom of each leg. How wonderful!!!

Adjustable bed Base. Great

Great product. The base has a wireless remote and works well. The legs adjust so the bed height could be set to where I like it. Being able to adjust the head and foot level smoothly, helps me sleep better. I did not get the mounts for the headboard, but would recommend them to keep the headboard in place (unless attached to the wall).

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