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Osaki Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are changing how people get their massage and Osaki chairs are no exception. These chairs are easy to operate as they have auto programs. Simply select a program and sit and back and relax as you have a rejuvenating therapy. With Osaki massage chairs, you can enjoy full body air massage as well as foot massage at your convenience. Set up your chair and manipulate it between different massage modes. Your chair will maximize the intensity of your massage by applying the correct amount of pressure on different parts of your body.

Supported massage techniques include:

  •  Chinese Massage
  •  Pain relief
  •  Body stretches
  •  Experience
  •  Relaxation

Unlike portable massagers, Osaki massage chairs are designed to mimic the motions of a real massage therapist. Order your chair from Sleep First and enjoy a rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your home!

Osaki OS-Aster Massage Chair

Osaki OS-Aster Massage Chair has sleek look (it'll stand out in your living room) and a comfortable feel while offering a range of therapeutic capabilities. It can massage you from the neck to glutes all the way to the upper hamstrings with the SL track roller. For starters, five massage techniques are available, which allow you to relax as the automatic programs provide therapy. Its stretch program is designed to relieve tiredness from your lower body. The chair's footrest and backrest can lift together and stretch your legs, eliminate your fatigue and help your body recover.

Osaki OS-Pro 4D Paragon Massage Chair

Easily the most comprehensive massage chair, the Osaki OS-Pro 4D Paragon is a 4 D massage chair that combines features luxe technology systems, sleep design, and temperature-regulated heated foot roller. It's perfect for in-home stone massage thanks to heater leg and feet rollers. L-track ceramic rollers can be directed anywhere from your neck to the glutes. The foot component extends and retracts automatically, allowing you to choose your unique foot position for an optimal massage and lower body relief. Foot scans ensure the chair is calibrated to your leg length for proper body targeting, based on your height. Covered footrests keep your feet warm during massage sessions, which feels good and promotes blood circulation.

Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Massage Chair

The Osaki Admiral Massage Chair features a 3D L-Track roller system with zero-gravity mode, six massage techniques, and 16 auto massage programs. With OS-Pro Admiral massage chair, you will get full control of your relaxation experience. 3D rollers allow the massage heads to go in and out, up and down, and side to side. Three spinning reflexology roller at the feet's base performs kneading style massage. The extendable footrest rest can scan your legs to ensure optimal length during a routine massage session. To enhance your experience, Osaki Osaki OS-Pro Admiral is equipped with preset audio that assists with body relaxation.

Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro LE Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro LE Massage Chair is comes packed with handy features and combines the benefits of S-track and L-track technology (SL track). You can experience a real massage right from your home's comfort. The chair has been recently upgraded for a smoother, and more realistic 4D massage. You will enjoy a deeper, wider massage and get more rhythm for better results. 8 automatic massage programs are supported:

  • demo
  • relax
  • swing
  • stretch
  • scraping
  • shiatsu
  • gentleman
  • rejuvenate

Key Features of Osaki Massage Chairs

Your Osaki massage chair comes with cool features that allow you to enjoy a massage at your convenience, all by yourself!

Heated Foot Rollers

Spinning reflexology rollers at the footrest's bottom provide a relaxing, kneading massage to your sore feet. These rollers also stimulate heat therapy around your foot area.

Zero Gravity Position

Osaki chairs feature a NASA-inspired technology -zero gravity position - that lets you enjoy your routine massage, aligning your spine relative to your think for optimal comfort. Zero-gravity features bring your knees right above your chest and improve blood circulation so you can relax better.

Auto Body Scan

Equipped with advanced scanning technology, every Osaki massage chair allows the rollers to map your neck and back's curvature accurately, which ensures a precise massage on all the key areas. Think of it as a quick consultation appointment with your chair. Your shoulder height is detected automatically and recalibrated as soon as the scan is completed.

Space Saving Technology

Limited space around your home? Don't worry, Osaki massage chairs help you maximize indoor space. Any of the chairs can snugly fit inside your house without taking up precious space.

True Ergonomic S-Track

Osaki chairs have an ergonomic design and contours various spine shapes. The S-track system allows the roller heads to massage your entire back starting from the neck down to the lower spine with consistent pressure while providing comfortable support.

Full Body Air Massage

Enjoy a soothing full-body massage after a tiring day. Next-gen technology knows where to massage and where not, L Track Roller Design provide wider coverage and reach points, extending your massage beyond the neck down to your lower back before wrapping underneath the back of your thicks.

Voice Recognition

Use simple voice commands to instruct your Osaki massage chair to perform the massage you want. Intelligent voice control makes it easy to manage your hair. For your convenience, download the mobile app and operate your chair remotely.

Osaki massage chair reviews - what do customers say?

Customers who bought Osaki massage chairs at Sleep First were pleased with the features and massage abilities of the chairs. Customers generally felt wonderful using their chairs. Some customers pointed out that Osaki chairs help them relax sore muscles and tight knots in their back and neck. Another said the chair offers the best stretch and helps relieve pain.

Massage Chair FAQS

How much space does the massage chair take up.?

Massage chairs incorporate space saver technology, so they won't take up a lot of space, sitting just 8-16 inches off the walls.

What color options are available with Osaki massage chairs?

Massage chairs are offered in beige, black, grey, brown.

Do you deliver Osaki massage chairs?

Yes, we provide a white glove service that covers massage chair set up and delivery to a room of your choice.

How often can I use the massage chair?

We recommend you use your massage chair for 15-20 minutes twice a day. Drink lots of water to cleanse your body of toxins.

 What happens if it stops working? 

Thanks to our full 5-year replacement warranty, we’ve got you covered!

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Stop by at your nearest store location and check out our massage chair collection. We are sure you will find a comprehensive chair for your daily massage routine. We also have a couple of massage chair blogs that can guide you with your next purchase. For assistance or massage chair sales inquiries, call (888) 975-3371 today.

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