Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia® EC-360 Shiatsu Massage Chair
Cozzia® EC-360 Shiatsu Massage Chair 1 review

$1,699.99 $1,899.99

  • Black
  • Brown
Cozzia CZ-357 Advanced L-Track Massage Chair
Cozzia CZ-357 Advanced L-Track Massage Chair

$3,499.99 $5,499.99

  • Black/White
  • Brown/White
Cozzia® CZ-640 Zen SE Massage Chair
Cozzia® CZ-640 Zen SE Massage Chair 1 review

$4,699.99 $5,999.99

Cozzia® Qi SE Massage Chair
Cozzia® Qi SE Massage Chair

$6,999.99 $8,999.99

  • Black/Pearl Black
  • Espresso/Pearl Black
  • Burgundy/Pearl Black
  • Espresso/Pearl White
  • +1
JPMedics Kumo Massage Chair 10 reviews


  • Black/Red
  • Pearl/Espresso
  • Pearl/Cappuccino

Want a massage chair that feels more like a human therapist and less like a robot?

A Cozzia massage chair is the real deal! You can have a full-body stretch or a massage of your choice. Cozzia chairs offer a manual mode for those who want to take charge of their massage sessions and automatic massage programs for people who just want to sit back and enjoy the massage session.

Cozzia chairs have seat vibration and precise body scanning technology, which maps out your body before massage starts. You can have heat therapy for lumber, shoulder massage, seat and thigh massage, and foot and knee massage. You can adjust the massage intensity and speed to your liking. A typical massage lasts for 15-minutes.

Cozzia FAQ

While Cozzia isn't a famous brand, they've got a strong reputation for quality construction and have some outstanding massage chair designs like the cozzia 16020 massage and cozzia ec363e massage chair, amongst others.

For more information, check their official brand website

You can buy a Cozzia chair for massage at Sleep First store location at a great price.

A great feature of the Cozzia chair is quad rollers - advanced foot rollers. - that perform air compression therapy on your feet and calves, rotating muscles, and adding a stretch element to your massage.

Cozzia chairs are made in the company's factory in Xiamen, China.

Cozzia massage techniques

Eight massage techniques are pre-programmed into Cozzia massage chairs:

Demo:A 5-minute whole-body massage for those on the go.

Gentle massage:Designed for beginners seeking a quiet, gentle massage.

Relax massage:A mild massage for deep relaxation. Best for those going to bed.

Therapy:Combines soothing massage with air massage on shoulder and glutes.

Vigorous massage:Strong deep tissue massage that provides a boost of energy.

Swedish:Promotes blood circulation in the heart and elevates oxygen level in the blood all while easing tension.

Thai massage:
Deep tissue therapy using Chinese techniques. It helps improve immunity, ease pain and improve blood flow.

Here's the best part...

Your Cozza chair lets you make fine adjustments to the way you feel, sit and relax. As you enjoy your massage, the chair can adjust the backrest and footrest to any position. All massage chairs have an air pressure system and these components: pillow, LED and speaker, shoulder panel, wired tablet, handrest, seat pad, calf rest, footrest, backrest, side panel, wheel. Most chairs also have music and chromotherapy lighting that helps to stimulate your senses.

Cozzia Massage Chair for Sale

Cozzia has been manufacturing massage chairs for over 20 years and has one of the largest facilities for robotic massage in the world. At Sleep First, you can buy any of the following massage chairs with zero gravity position for your regular foot massage, heat therapy, or full body massage.

Benefits of Cozzia massage chairs

A 30-minute massage with a Cozzia chair is good for your health and well-being. Not only do Cozzia massage chairs revitalize and restore your health, but these chairs can also help with pain relief.

The zero gravity feature that's present in all Cozzia chairs can decompress your spine and leave you pain-free. What's more, is that the massage function in your chair also reduces stiffness and muscle tension.

Cozzia chairs are designed to help you move easily, stand upright and live longer. Daily massage relaxes your joints and loosens your muscles, resulting in greater flexibility, and less pressure.

Your body will regain a healthy posture. Every moment you have a massage, you also strengthen your immunity - the body's natural defenses against diseases.