Serta iComfort CF4000 Hybrid Firm Mattress

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The CF4000 Hybrid Firm mattress features iComfort's most innovative cooling and support technologies.

Carbon Fiber Memory Foam paired with the UltraCold System™ help channel heat away from your body. 

Exclusive Air Support™ Foam contours to your body and helps relieve aches and pains caused by pressure points, while the 1025 iComfort® Hybrid Support™ System with BestEdge® Foam Encasement provides durable support from edge to edge.

Max Cold™ Cover
Made from super cool high-performance fibers for an instant cool-to-the-touch sensation.

UltraCold System™
This layer of extra-cool Carbon Fiber Memory Foam is engineered to work hard at absorbing excess heat from your body, then channel it away, all while you sleep comfortably.

Carbon Fiber Memory Foam
Every iComfort mattress is made with exclusive Carbon Fiber Memory Foam. This system channels heat away from your body and provides exceptional strength for back and neck support.

1025 iComfort® Hybrid Support™ System with BestEdge® Foam Encasement
In this advanced innerspring system, individually wrapped coils work independently to conform to every curve of your body and provide durable support.

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    Amazing, cooling support

    This bed is hands down the best bed I’ve ever owned. As someone who suffers from sciatica this bed really does relive pressure and makes it feel a lot better and yet it completely supports the body with a nice cooling feature to top it off. If your on the fence just go with this bed because you seriously won’t regret it.


    Keeps you cool at night while providing amazing support

    This mattress offers a great deal of support and has provided me with many nights of great sleep! It is classified as a firm mattress but I found it to be just right. It’s not too firm nor is it too soft. It looks great and feels great as well. It has a very luxurious feel to it. The memory foam makes it so the mattress conforms to the curves of my body. Sleeping on my side or stomach are very comfortable. The mattress retains its shape after being slept in, which is a great feature. It absorbs movement as well so I could jump on the bed and the other person sleeping in it would not notice. I really like the cooling feature this mattress has, as I’ve never seen anything like it. It keeps the mattress nice and cool so you don’t overheat while sleeping. I would recommend this mattress to anyone looking to achieve a great night of sleep


    The perfect amount of firmness to provide you with the support you need, but soft enough to love.

    When I think of firm, I associated it with being solid hard, But In this case, you get stabilized comfort And just the right amount of softness. The mattress relieves My pressure points, Eliminates Motion Transfer, With loads of comfort to my body. This type of Memory Foam Is durable, And excellent quality. The Seta firm mattress has some of the best features. It features a Max Cold Cover: Made from super cool high-performance fibers for an instant cool-to-the-touch sensation. It features an UltraCold System, The layer of extra-cool Carbon Fiber Memory Foam is engineered to work hard at absorbing excess heat from your body, then channels it away, all while you sleep comfortably. I live in Arizona, It’s not always hot as people think, But when it get’s hot this mattress comes to my Rescue. I always Preferred sleeping on a more soft, and plush type of mattress. I’ve always looked down on a firm mattress because of my Inexperience, And miss information on it. I am very happy I give it a chance, it’s one of the best sleep I’ve ever experience. I would definitely recommend, Perfect firmness and the right amount of giving


    The best mattress I have ever had

    This is a wonderful mattress. I don't think I have ever had a mattress that is as nice as this. First of all the quality of it is superb! It is well made, the stitching is perfect and tightly woven. You can tell this was not quickly thrown together with little care. It is a thicker mattress than most may be use too. You don't really even need a box spring and if you do use one, you maybe like me and need to get a low profile box spring. Because a regular box spring makes it just a bit too high. The older you get the more likely you will like a lower bed like me! Even though a higher bed does look nice too! This mattress is firm but not so firm that you wake up with aching back and neck. It supports and cushions your body so you don't have body aches from laying on a stiff mattress. Im a side sleeper and even sleeping on my side, I have yet to wake up with aches and pains like I normally did. Even the first few times of sleeping on it, I woke up feeling great! The mattress also has cooling memory foam which pulls the heat away from your body. Im a hot sleeper so this is another plus for me. This is going to be great for hot summer nights that we have here in the South. I think this is the best mattress I have ever slept on. The quality is top notch. The memory foam not only supports your body but keeps you cool and comfortable. I wake up now feeling great!


    Love my new mattress

    This bed is so wonderfully comfortable. It offers a great deal of support and doesn't feel stuffy or overheated. Seriously at one point the whole family and all the pets climbed and and it was still really really comfortable.