Size Guide: Should You Get A Full Size Mattress?

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by Sleep First 3 min read

As we all know, good sleep is foundational to your physical and mental well-being. And in order to get the best sleep you can, you need a good mattress that provides optimal support and comfort for your unique sleeping needs. One of the most fundamental considerations when choosing the right mattress is the mattress size.


What mattress size will best fit your needs comes down to three things. First, how many people are going to be sleeping in it? Individuals can fit in twin and full mattresses, but couples probably want to size up. Second, how big are these people? Children fit perfectly in twin size mattresses, while larger adults might want to opt for a queen or king. Finally, how big is the space that this mattress is going in? Whether you’re furnishing a studio apartment or a master bedroom makes a pretty big difference.


In this post, we’re continuing our size guide series with the next step up: the full size mattress. The dimensions of a full size mattress clock in at 75 inches long and 52 inches wide, making them 15 inches wider than a twin. While many people think full size mattresses are good for couples, they’re actually still better suited for individuals. Full mattresses aren’t the best for couples, as each person would only get 27 inches of space, which is less space than a crib. That said, there are several scenarios in which full size mattresses take the cake.


Mattress Size Guide

For Children Who Want To Grow


Though twin mattresses are the most common choice for a child’s bedroom, a full size mattress could actually be a better fit for some. Mattresses are an investment-- one that, with proper care, can last decades. If you want your child to have a mattress that gives them room to grow and can last them through their teenage years, a full mattress is your best bet.


Full size mattresses are also provide extra room to accomodate siblings, parents, and an array of stuffed animals. They’re excellent choices for siblings who share a bed, as well as for children who like to surround themselves with a whole crew of teddy bears. Additionally, full size mattresses provide a place for parents to sit while they’re reading a bed-time story.


Single Adult Sleepers


Full mattresses are a common choice for single adult sleepers. It provides more space to spread out than a twin does, but isn’t so big that it feels overwhelming. They comfortably fit a single adult, with a bit of room to spread out. Additionally, it’s a good choice for smaller spaces when a twin just isn’t going to cut it. If you’re a single adult who loves to sleep in the starfish position or who typically sleeps with a furry friend, however, you might want to size up.


Guest Bedrooms


When it comes to guest bedrooms, the key is to think like goldilocks and find something that’s just right. Most guest bedrooms are on the smaller size, meaning they would be overcrowded by a queen or king size mattress. At the same time, you want your guest to be comfortable and not have to squeeze into a twin. Enter: the full size mattress! The sweet spot for your guest bedroom needs.


At the end of the day the perfect mattress size for you comes down to your individual preferences, circumstances, and sleep style. In order to know which will be just right for your needs, it’s best to come into a good old fashioned brick-and-mortar store and test out the options for yourself. When you’re ready to find your next mattress, come visit us at your nearest Sleep First, where we’ll be waiting to help you find your perfect fit.

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