Buying Guide: Sleep Better with Woven Tencel Sheets

Bed made with Woven Tencel sheets

by Sleep First 4 min read

By now we probably all know how important your mattress is for your sleep, health and overall quality of life. But did you know that what you put on your mattress is also an important part of the conversation? That’s right, ditch those old flannel sheets filled with holes and mysterious stains. It’s time to upgrade your bedding!

Good bedding is key to a good night's sleep, as it sets the stage for your night. As life gets busy, it’s easy to forget to tend to your bedding. But let’s get real: Do your sheets have a musky odor? How old are they? Do they have holes in them? Do you know what that weird stain in the corner is? If you find that you’re not liking the answers to those questions, refresh your bedding!

If you’re seeking a comfortable sleep, look no further than the  Woven™ TENCEL™ Sheets by Malouf. They’re pretty much everything you could want in a sheet: silky soft and buttery smooth, AND made with natural, eco-friendly materials. They’re crafted using a luxuriously smooth fiber structure from eco-friendly sources that’s good for the earth and your skin.

They’re also super versatile, suitable for both hot and cold environments. Thanks to their balanced moisture management and temperature regulation qualities, they keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No more switching out your sheets each season!

If you’re someone who hates making the bed (seriously, why is it so difficult!?), you’ll love these. They have a unique deep pocket Universal Fit® design that makes them easy to put on and take off. They combine a deep pocket design with a full-length elastic to create a smooth, secure fit on any type of mattress, so they’ll work for you no matter what your mattress setup is. Plus they come in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, and Split California King size. And with 6 luscious colors to choose from, you’ll definitely find something that suits your style.

Caring for your sheets

Properly caring for your sheets not only keeps your bed fresh and clean, but it actually preserves the lifespan of your bedding! It’s generally recommended that you should wash your sheets once a week, in cool water with a mild laundry detergent. Beware of bleach and fabric softeners, which can actually damage your sheets.

How you dry them matters, too. If you dry your sheets too long, they can become wrinkled, brittle or scratchy. Dry them on a low temperature and take them out just after they’re fully dry. It’s best to store them in a cool, dry place to avoid mildew. 

Choosing good sheets and caring for them well will go a long way in helping you sleep soundly. However, not even the softest sheets in the world can make up for an old, worn out mattress! If you’re finding that you’re just not comfortable anymore, you’ve recently had a life change, or you can’t remember when you last went mattress shopping, it could be time to consider a replacement. When you’re ready to find your new mattress, come visit us at your nearest Sleep First, where we’ll be waiting to help you guide you towards your best. sleep. Ever!

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