Buying Guide: How to Know if a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress is Right For You

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When choosing a new mattress, there are a few different things to consider. Do you want it to feel extra firm, firm, soft or somewhere in the middle? What size mattress will work best for your sleep style and space? Is a hybrid, memory foam, or traditional spring mattress your best choice? What mattress base should you choose? And then, of course, there is the choice of which brand to go with.

At Sleep First, we're proud to carry a selection of the best brands on the market. From the popular Nectar and DreamCloud to Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster and Simmons Beautyrest, we have choices to fit every kind of sleeper. Wondering which mattress brand might be right for you? In this post, we're kicking off our mattress brand guide with everything you need to know about one of our newest additions, Simmons Beautyrest!

Simmon Beautyrest Mattress Overview

Simmons Beautyrest is a modern luxury brand with an impressive legacy. Simmons has been leading the way in mattress technology and innovation since 1925 (fun fact: Simmons Bedding Company was the first manufacturer to create Queen and King size mattresses)! They have a huge mattress collection for just about any sleep position. All of that history and experience resulted in the amazing beautyrest hybrid collection we know and love today.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Collection

As a top mattress firm, Simmons Beautyrest has several different mattress lines to choose from, each with a different story and build. If you're liking the sound of this and wondering what your different options are, read on! Here is a rundown of the 3 equally amazing Beautyrest lines for you to choose from:

Beautyrest Black

The Simmons Beautycrest Black is a great complement to the Sleep First floor, as it's famed as one of the most technologically-advanced mattresses on the market. To us, Beautyrest is among the leaders in hybrid development. Individually wrapped coils (T3) provide consistent tension and a unique feel and support for your body weight. If you're like us, when you lay down on one of them, you'll remark at how substantial it feels. One night of sleep and you feel the quality instantly.

Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Medium Mattress

The Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Medium Mattress is the Premier mattress in the Simmons family. Designed with the T3 Pocketed Coil technology which takes three strands of coils spun into the most supportive and durable coil system for support. Providing 3X the amount of steel in these coils. The Black models top the coil system with the latest technological material BlackICE coupled with Techoluxe Memory Foam. These combine to provide higher quality pressure relief and with the cooling technology of BlackICE you stay cool while sleeping.

When you think you are done, they include BeautyEDGE to support the sides and end of the mattresses, which allows you to sleep closer to the edge increasing the sleeping surface by 15%. All of this packaged in ContourFIT Design fabric that feels comfortable and helps you be absorbed into the mattress. It comes in twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Plush Mattress

Like a softer sleeping space? Try the Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Plush Mattress! It has the same amazing sleep technology as the Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Medium Mattress, but with a softer feel. It comes in twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Ultra Plush Mattress

For the ultimate sleeping on a cloud experience, try the Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class Ultra Plush Mattress! All the same features as the other Beautyrest Black mattresses, but with an ultra plush feel. It comes in twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest Hybrid

We chose the Simmons Beautyrest Hybrid line up to offer several hybrids that are lower priced than the Simmons Beautyrest Black line up. While the Black mattress is truly amazing, we also care about providing value at all price points, and we strongly feel this hybrid collection fits the bill. With the T2, or “two times twisted” support coil and cooling cover, these beds are an excellent choice for any bedroom.

Beautyrest Hybrid Medium Mattress

Featuring our ContourFit™ Design, the Beautyrest Hybrid Medium bed is designed to help you find your optimal sleeping position, so you can relax and recharge while you get your best sleep. Relieve pressure points such as hips and shoulders with the advanced Beautyrest Gel Memory foam, which conforms to your body for all-night comfort. Memory foam doesn't have the best reputation for cool sleeping, but our InfiniCool™ Plus system provides a cool-to-the-touch sleep surface. 

It has incredible responsive pressure relief, as the ContourFit™ Design features a sleep surface that stretches and recovers as you move throughout the night. It will also keep you nice and consistently cool and comfortable, thanks to the InfiniCool™ Plus system of layers in the cover and right below the cover that is cool-to-the-touch. Finally, it offers restorative sleep from reliable support thanks to the Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology that meets you where you need it most and prevents partner disturbance, making it excellent for light sleepers and couples. It comes in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest Hybrid Plush Mattress

If you want to feel like you're sinking into a soft fluffy cloud at night, try the Beautyrest Hybrid Plush Mattress. All the same wonderful features of the Beautyrest Hybrid Medium, but with a plush surface. It comes in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest 800 Firm Hybrid Mattress

Perfect the sleeper who likes a nice firm mattress. Featuring the world-famous Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® system, which move individually to support the natural shape of your body, and provide movement for a peaceful, restful sleep. The DualCool™ Technology found in the BR800 Hybrid Mattress, and its antimicrobial layer works to keep your mattress fresh, cool & clean while moving heat and moisture away. Finally, a layer of Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Support provides you with the additional support where you need it most. It comes in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest Harmony

We round out the new lineup with the Simmons Beautyrest Harmony mattresses. This collection by Simmons is designed from recycled parts to help promote environmental sustainability. If you're not aware, there's a serious problem with mattresses ending up in landfills across America, and it's our job to help combat this important environmental issue. We believe the Beautyrest Harmony is a great choice - without sacrificing any of the comfort - with the added bonus of social and environmental responsibility.

Beautyrest Harmony Carbon Lux Firm Mattress

Beautyrest® Harmony Lux™ Carbon Series features our latest innovations in support, comfort, and cooling; that work together in harmony for a better night's sleep. Its new and innovative coil design and support system, advanced pressure relieving foams, uniquely engineered cooling technologies and exclusive sustainable fabric technology make this collection the ultimate choice in premium bedding. 

It keeps you cool and comfortable all night long, thanks to the RightTemp™ Wave Foam. The Precision Support System™ powered by T2 Pocketed Coil™ Technology provides additional support where you need it most. It's great for people who experience pain or discomfort, as the pressure relieving comfort Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam and RightTemp™ Wave Foam work together to create incredible pressure relief.

Finally, it's a super sustainable and cool choice, thanks to the InfiniCool™ Lux which provides a cool sleep environment and the Seaqual™ Fabric Technology which utilizes recovered plastics from the ocean to create a durable and luxurious fabric. It comes in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest Harmony Carbon Lux Plush Pillowtop Mattress

For a lush and cushiony sleep that doesn't sacrifice on sustainability, try the Beautyrest Harmony Carbon Lux Plush Pillowtop Mattress. It has the same features as the firm, with a plush pillowtop that makes you feel like you're sinking into a cloud. It comes in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king, and split california king.

Beautyrest Harmony Carbon Lux Medium Mattress

Strike a happy medium with the Beautyrest Harmony Carbon Lux Medium Mattress! All the same features as the Firm, but with a nice, harmonious medium feel. Great for couples!

How to Choose a Beautyrest Mattress

Beautyrest offers you a lot of mattress options. One challenge people face when doing a comparison for the old Beautyrest mattress collection is retailers often have varying names for what seems to be the same exact mattress. When shopping for the perfect mattress, a good starting point would be to decide what type of Beautyrest mattress works for you. From there, you can make a selection then narrow down the list of mattresses to explore.

  • Firmness level: You have a lineup of firmness options. Consider what mattress firmness is comfortable to you. Which firmness level you should pick is more of a personal preference. Beautyrest offers different firmness levels ranging from plush to firm.
  • Price: Top-of-the-line Beautyrest mattresses are up there in price. Decide how much you're willing to splash on a new mattress before you go mattress shopping. Sleep First has a couple of Simmon Beautyrest mattresses on sale.
  • Mattress type: Beautycrest makes hybrid mattresses that combine the plushness of foam with a supportive, bouncy feel of coils. Most of their mattresses are more durable than all-foam models.
  • Sleep style: Some sleepers like to melt into their mattress while others prefer to lie on top. Sleep style often comes into play here. Do you sleep on your back or stomach? Medium-Firm to Firmer mattresses offers better spinal alignment and support in general. Side sleeper? Go for a softer mattress feel with a bit of firmness so your mattress won't dig into your shoulders and hips.
  • Upgrades: Do you fancy a $500 pillow top with a plush feel? Sleeping hot? Consider a cooling upgrade for a good night's sleep. Make sure you read customer reviews so you know how the mattress fares and whether it's really worth the price.

    Want to test a Beautyrest out in person? Visit a mattress store near me

    Stop by at your nearest Sleep First store to experience first-hand what our happy customers are saying about our top-notch selection, customer care, and good deals on us mattress brands. We'll be waiting to help you find the right mattress! You can book a private, contact-free shopping appointment here. Questions? Please feel free to reach out to our team who can guide you in the right direction by calling or chatting with us by clicking the messenger icon at the bottom of the screen!

    Whether you're buying a new Beautyrest mattress for the first or replacing a previous mattress, it's a good idea to visit a Sleep First mattress store near you and see for yourself the available Beautyrest models. Take time to test it out and ask questions before you make a mattress purchase.


    Which Beautyrest mattress is right for you?

    It depends. Choosing a mattress boils down to three things; your sleeping needs, preferences, and budget. Thankfully, Beautyrest offers a huge mattress collection with various price points.

    Which Beautyrest mattress is good for side sleepers?

    Side sleepers can benefit from a medium soft mattress at a firmness scale of 4. Beautyrest Black is one of the softest models with 2-inches of memory foam and a plush pillow top.

    How long should a Beautyrest mattress last?

    It's advisable to replace your Beautyrest mattress every seven to 10 years as that's how long it lasts. Some memory foam mattresses can last for a little longer.

    Tempur Pedic or Beautyrest, which is the better mattress?

    Both are fantastic mattress brands with amazing lines of mattresses between them. Tempur Pedic is higher on price because of its high-quality mattress collection.

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