3 Reasons You Should Choose a Bigger Mattress

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by Sleep First 4 min read

When it comes to mattresses, most of the time bigger really is better. A common mistake that people make when shopping for a new mattress is getting one that's too small for their needs. But choosing a mattress that's too small for you can seriously disrupt your sleep, leaving you grumpy, sleepy, and annoyed at your partner for elbowing you 15 times during the night.


The general rule of thumb is that for maximum comfort, you should opt for the biggest mattress you can given the restraints of your space and your budget.


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Why choose a larger mattress?

If you're wondering if you really need a bigger mattress, here are a few reasons you should consider sizing up:

1. Enough space for you and your partner (that means less elbowing each other in the night!)

Although it might seem like a queen size mattress is more than enough room for two, they're actually only 60 inches wide, leaving each partner with only 30 inches each (that's less room than a twin!). This isn’t necessarily bad for couples who love to cuddle, but what about the ones that crave a little personal space? A king gives you 30% more sleeping space, allowing you to doze in peace. Additionally, if you're the kind of couple who like to do other things in bed, like reading or watching TV, it's nice to have space to spread out and really enjoy your time. 


2. Bigger mattresses have room for the whole family!

If you have kids or pets (or both!), you might want to consider a king size mattress. With a queen, it doesn't take a lot for things to get crowded. Add in a kiddo who woke up from a nightmare or your beloved golden retriever, and suddenly someone is getting crowded off the edge. When you size up to a king, you'll have more than enough room to accommodate everyone when the sniffles are going around, when the kids want to cuddle with mom and dad on a Sunday morning, or during family movie night. Pass the popcorn!


3. Room to sleep and room to chill out.

Chances are your bed is more than just a place to sleep. It's also a place for movie nights, for sitting and thinking, for working from home in comfort, and if you're lucky it's a place for pancakes in bed! Bigger mattresses give you more room to spread out for all your favorite lounging activities.


For many people, between sleeping and relaxing at night their bed is a place they spend a significant amount of their time. A king mattress maximizes both the comfort and the utility of your bed, leading to better sleep and overall greater satisfaction. Plus, by investing in a king mattress now, you’ll have more than enough room to grow, which will likely save you money down the road!


Ultimately, the best mattress for you really depends on all of your individual preferences, circumstances, and sleep style. In order to know which will be just right for you, it’s best to come into a store and test out the options for yourself (book a private, contact-free shopping appointment here!), or to speak with experts who can guide you in the right direction (chat with us by clicking the messenger icon at the bottom of the screen!).


When you’re ready to find your next mattress, come visit us at your nearest Sleep First or check out our online store, where we’ll be waiting to help you find the best sleep for your unique needs and preferences.



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