Buying Guide: The Best Chairs for Sore Legs

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You probably know that massage chairs are great relaxation tools. But did you know they can be amazingly therapeutic as well? It’s true! A huge benefit you can get from a massage chair is relief from chronic or acute pain or discomfort.

No matter if you’re dealing with sore shoulders or tired, tight legs, massage chairs can provide great relief. In this series, we’re breaking down the best chairs for different areas. Today, we’re talking about something many of us are familiar with: tired, sore legs. Whether you’re an athlete or fitness buff, love hiking or running, or work on your feet all day, targeted massage chair therapy can feel revolutionary.

If you are someone that needs a specific part of the body massaged more than others for therapy, comfort or rehabilitation, you want to be able to control where the massage chair focuses on. If you just get a chair that only has a few programs, you may have to go through an entire massage cycle for the chair to hit that one sore spot just for a minute or two. Being able to customize where the rollers and air compression focuses goes a long way in therapeutic massage.

So, is lower body relief what you’re after? Here are a few things you want to look out for:

  • Body scan technology. This technology will scan your body and make a note of your pressure points, adjusting the position of the rollers based on the scan results to give you a specialized massage where you need it most.
  • Leg and foot rollers (bonus points if they’re heated!)
  • Heat therapy for the legs and feet. Chairs with heating capabilities will help further relax and release your sore, tight muscles, and improve circulation to improve.

All that in mind, are a couple of the best chairs we recommend for targeted lower body massage!

Osaki OS-Pro 4D Paragon Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-Pro 4D Paragon Massage Chair features luxe technology systems (including voice command!), a sleek look, and temperature-customizable heated foot rollers. Its automatic leg extension and covered footrest feature makes it especially effective for lower body relief. It scans the legs to ensure the chair is calibrated to your leg length for proper body-area targeting based on your individual height.

Additionally, the foot component extends and retracts automatically, so you’re able to select your unique comfort position for the most optimal massage targeting. Finally, the covered footrest helps to keep your feet warmer during your chair massage, which both feels amazing and stimulates blood circulation.

Kahuna EM-8500 King's Elite 4D Zero Gravity Heated Bluetooth HSL Massage Chair

This massage chair from Kahuna offers a full suite of different massage techniques, from kneading to Shiatsu to rolling, as well as 24 target programs, to give you the ultimate massage suited to your individual needs and preferences. Plus it has auto leg extension, heating therapy for the feet and calves, and targeted leg and feet massage therapy. Ahhhh, sweet relief.

Cozzia Fortitude EC-670 Zero-G Massage Chair

Cozzia chairs offer more customization options than most other chairs it finds itself in competition with, and the Cozzia Fortitude EC-670 Zero-G Massage Chair is no exception. It features S-Track & Quad rollers for a consistently good massage experience and 3D roller technology for a deeper and more satisfying massage experience.

It also features target air massage for legs, knees and feet, as well as rollers in the footrest of this chair to massage the undersides of your feet.

Osaki OS-Aster Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-Aster Massage Chair has a modern design with a sleek look (so it’ll look great in your living room!) and a comfortable feel, while offering a wide range of therapeutic capabilities. The OS-Aster can massage you from neck to your glutes and upper hamstrings with the SL-Track roller. Five massage techniques are available that makes you completely relaxed while the six automatic programs provide therapeutic relief.

It features a stretch program specifically for a tired lower body, where the footrest and backrest lifting together, combined with air pressure massage, to stretch the legs, remove fatigue, and recover your body.

At Sleep First, we want to help you find everything you need for your optimal sleep and relaxation for the best value possible. If you're interested in getting your own massage chair, or if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using massage chairs, don't hesitate to visit one of our locations or even chat online with one of our massage chair experts.

Questions? Click the chat icon in the bottom corner of your screen. We promise to always take the time to listen to your needs and find the right chair for you, so you can walk away knowing you made the right choice!

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