Buying Guide: Massage Chairs & the Types that Best Fit Your Needs

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Everyone has probably had a massage at least once in their life, either through a massage therapist or a family member, but very few people know that there are many types of specialized massages.

I remember the first time I went to a professional masseuse and they asked me what kind of massage I wanted and all I could respond with was “Back, I’ll take the back massage”. I can imagine she had a feeling this was my first time, so she showed me the menu of the different types available and wouldn’t you know, that really didn’t help me either. Did Swedish and Thai massages come from someone from those countries? I couldn’t even imagine what hot stone was and I struggled to pronounce Shiatsu, so I confidently said the only one that made sense to a 24 year old, “Deep Tissue”…

I didn’t get a professional massage for at least another 10 years after that! Not being prepared for what I was about to go through for the next 60 minutes left me a little traumatized. Not having any prior experience with professional massage, let alone what a deep tissue massage was borderline torture. In hindsight I could have easily told them to lighten up, but macho me tried to handle the pain. I tightened up only causing them to knead harder to loosen up the tight areas. I left with more pain than I started with.

I tell you this story not to discourage deep tissue massages, but to educate you on the types and benefits of the most common massages you can get with a masseuse or one of our massage chairs.

Swedish Massage

The massage I probably should have started with!

  • This is a gentle touch full body massage
  • Relieves a lot of tension and increases blood circulation
  • Removes muscle knots and gives a fully relaxed state of being

Our Osaki Admiral Pro, massage chair has one of the best full body Swedish massages on the market

Hot Stone Massage

This type is very similar to the Swedish Massage, but with the addition of heated stones

  • The stones ease muscle tensions and elevate pain 
  • Relieves stress through increased blood flow
  • Relieves Stress

The Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chair has perfected the in-home hot stone massage with its heated leg and feet rollers as well as the heated L-track ceramic rollers that can be pinpointed anywhere from the neck down to the glutes.

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish massage with a significantly increased amount of pressure.

  • Benefits those that have chronic pain and soreness
  • Injury and imbalance are often treated
  • Relieves very tight muscles and reduces anxiety

The Osaki OS-Aster give one of the deepest massages available. Though you can turn down the intensity, this is typically for those that have experience with massages.

Shiatsu Massages

The Style originated in Japan and specializes in relieving stress, tension, and pain.

  • Promotes a physical and emotional calmness
  • Increases relaxation and reduces stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Relieves Migraines and headaches by increasing serotonin levels

The JPMedic Kumo massage chair was designed and built in Japan and leads the industry in Shiatsu style massages.

Thai Massage

This particular style is a more active massage that has very similar movements related to yoga and various stretches.

  •  For those in a more active lifestyle
  • The best style for flexibility and those recovering from injury, workouts or long runs
  • Great for morning massages due to the energy level increases after massage

Both the JPMedic Kumo and Pro OS-4D Paragon massage chairs have an excellent Thai massage that can consistently handle the strength, functionality and capabilities needed to get the perfect in-home Thai massage.

Hopefully we were able to simplify the most common massage techniques out there while providing a quick snapshot of what may work best for your needs. If you would like more information on the different styles and how any of the massage chairs can benefit you, please reach out to one of our Massage Chair Experts in store or chat right here on our website. PS want exclusive discounts? sign up for our email newsletter to get deep discounts you can't find anywhere else!

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