Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX-Class Firm Mattress

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    Best mattress brand

    I couldn't be happier with this mattress. I usually look for a medium to firm mattress and this one is a great middle point of comfort and support. The thickness of the mattress provides structure and support and the soft top hugs your body and seemed to help me from rolling around during the night. In the first few weeks of having this mattress I havent found any areas of concern. while the thickness is great for sleep it definitely takes some muscle to move. Hoping to have this mattress for a long time! This is the best mattress I ever got I’m in love with my new mattress thank you very much!!

    Beautyrest B.

    Love the Mattress

    I use this mattress every night since I've received it and I LOVE IT. I don't wake up in as much pain as I was before I got it. I love the firmness of it. I just love everything about it. I'm glad with my pick for a new mattress


    Best Quality mattress to date!

    I have been using my Beautyrest Black® Hybrid KX-Class - Firm, Queen size mattress for 2 weeks now and it’s definitely the most comfortable, high-quality mattress I’ve ever slept on. First, it’s gorgeous in black with white diagonal lines! It’s also thick and firm. I would say it’s as thick as my previous mattress and box spring put together, and it’s so firm I could bounce a quarter off it. I have been getting the best sleep ever… I normally read until I fall asleep, but I am only on page 3 after 2 weeks because I’ve been falling asleep instantly. My back pain has improved and I’m all around ecstatic!


    Luxurious Sleeping Experience

    ----- SUMMARY ----- Verdict: The Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX-Class Firm Mattress is a premium quality mattress with exceptional support for your body and effective cooling technology. I admittedly worried about the firmness at first, but I gave it some time (about 2-3 months to break it in) and found it to be a good compromise if you switch between laying on your side and back, or if you have a partner with a different sleep preference. As a side sleeper, the firm model might not have been the perfect choice for me, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good mattress. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think any back sleeper will love the Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX-Class Firm Mattress. For strictly side sleepers, I recommend considering the medium or plush models of the Beautyrest Black Hybrid. Pros: - Unique and luxurious design - Well made with high-quality materials - No sinking feeling and great support - Cooling technology that dissipates body heat - Antimicrobial cover protects the mattress Cons: - None ----- DETAILS ----- Design: As soon as I saw the Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX-Class Firm Mattress being delivered, I was excited to try it out. It has a unique and luxurious design that makes a great first impression. A mattress’ design usually doesn’t stand out, but this one does. When you get a closer look, it’s apparent that the mattress is well made and the material is high quality. I don’t doubt that this Beautyrest Black Hybrid will last for years to come. Just be prepared for how thick the mattress is. At around 15” you’ll need sheets with deep pockets and likely won’t want a thick box spring underneath it. Since my bed frame is already quite tall, I went with a one-inch “bunkie board” underneath the mattress. Comfort: The first night I slept on the KX-Class Firm Mattress, I had mixed feelings. I liked that it didn’t feel as if I was sinking into it, but it was more firm than I expected. Laying on my back, the support around my shoulders and hips feels great. On my side, which is how I usually sleep, the comfort diminishes a bit. I think that’s because it just doesn’t contour well to my body. I probably should’ve thought through that more and gone with a medium or plush model. What surprised me though is that after a couple of weeks of sleeping on this mattress, laying on my side feels more comfortable than it did at the start. I’ve heard there’s a break-in period for mattresses and now believe there’s truth to that. Whether it’s my body adjusting to the mattress or it just becoming a little less firm, I’m now more satisfied with the comfort. Firm-feeling mattresses like the KX-Class Firm are excellent for back support and pressure relief, but what I’ve realized is that back sleepers will likely have the best experience. Even as a side sleeper, I’ve never once thought the mattress was uncomfortable or had any pain. If you switch between laying on your side and back or have a partner with a different sleep preference, a firm mattress could be a good compromise. However, if you’re strictly a side sleeper like myself, I suggest considering a medium or plush model of the Beautyrest Black Hybrid. Features: In addition to the layers of memory foam and supportive coils that deliver a comfortable sleeping experience, there are several features of this mattress that are nice to have. One is that the cover is antimicrobial, so it helps keep the mattress fresh and clean. Since I have allergies, I still like to use a mattress protector on top to help keep the mattress free of allergens, but it’s nice to know that the mattress itself is well protected by its cover. Another feature I like is what Beautyrest calls “BlackICE with Plant-Based Cooling Technology” which helps keep the mattress cool. Memory foam is known to retain body heat, but the Beautyrest BlackICE technology seems to mitigate that because I don’t wake up feeling hot.


    Best night's sleep you can ask for!

    I have been using the Beautyrest Black Hybrid mattress for almost a month now, and I'm extremely satisfied with the product. First, it is extremely comfortable. This is the first mattress, of the four we've purchased so far, that my husband and I both like. My husband likes firm mattresses, because of his back pain, and I like plush/soft mattresses. We always had firm mattress and I always woke up with body aches. And this mattress is firm but still super comfortable. I wake up very well rested and my husband really liked the firmness of the mattress. Also, I've never slept on a mattress as stable as this one. My husband can move around a lot and I don't feel anything. Being a hybrid I expected to feel a little bit like I did on my other mattresses. So, it has excellent support for the body. Another quality that I really liked was the cool technology. The mattress really keeps us cool all night long. Even with the temperature between 68-72 I always had night sweats, and now I feel fresh even covered with a sheet. Not to mention the beauty of the mattress, the black color is really a strong point, avoiding those undesirable stains. Even using white sheets it looks great! I highly recommend it, worth every penny!