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Kahuna SM-Cloud Massage Chair

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Available Colors: Dark Beige

The Kahuna SM Cloud Massage Chair is an impressive chair that features 3D massage rollers and zero gravity technology. This massage chair was being designed to create the ultimate massage experience from head to toe. Popular among golfers for the Golfer Mode massage program.

Features of the Kahuna SM Cloud Massage Chair include:

  • SL track
  • Power air cells with 6 rollers
  • Space saving technology
  • Zero gravity
  • Shiatsu 
  • LED lights
  • Zipper covering
  • Leg rest extension & retraction
  • Heat therapy
  • Air massage technology
  • Built-in premium speakers & Bluetooth technology
  • Music sync programs
  • 3D wrap-around foot squeeze massage
  • Arm acupressure
  • 10 automatic programs

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Power Air Cells With 6 Rollers

An innovative 6 roller mechanism + power air cells provide unparalleled therapeutic relief. SL massage tracks allow rollers to reach the top of your neck all the way down to your glutes. This combination of roller mechanism + airbags is proven to help restore spine and muscle vitality, calm stress and provide lasting comfort.


Advanced Space Saving Technology

Massage chairs usually require over 20” from the wall to fully recline - but not this Kahuna! The SM Cloud massage chair has been outfitted with space saving technology. This chair requires just 3" between the wall to fully recline.


2 Level Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is an important feature that improves almost every aspect of your massage experience. At the push of a button, you are reclined as your legs raise to the level of your heart. This position helps to decompress your joints and spine by removing gravity's influence. Decompression allows the surrounding muscles to relax and provides a full-body effect that maximizes your massage experience.


Arm Acupressure

The Kahuna SM Cloud reclining massage chair with heat therapy has specially designed arm pads that gently press on pressure points throughout your arms and hands. This feature extends your massage to encompass the length of your arm and enhance overall body effects.


Multi LED Lights

Multicolor LED lights are located on the side panels of this Kahuna chair, providing a soft & soothing environment that creates calming effects even in dim lighting.


Zipper Covering

Convenient zippers make it easy to detach chair coverings on the legs and feet if they become dirty. Kahuna makes it easy to keep your massage chair looking new!


Shiatsu Point Locator

Smart scanning technology measures the body to personalize your massage to address specific sore points. Shiatsu points are customized for each massage session, ensuring your individual body profile is effectively relieved of muscle soreness and fatigue.


Leg Rest Extension & Retraction

Leg rests extend up to 6 inches, allowing various heights to fit comfortably into the Kahuna SM-Cloud. Your family and friends will be able to use your new reclining massage chair with heat therapy. Perfect for watching the game, reading a book or having a spa day!


Comprehensive Body Coverage

The Kahuna SM Cloud Massage Chair offers a relaxing massage experience with a wider range of shoulder and seat space, vs. what you would find on many standard massage chairs.


3D Foot Squeeze Massage

High-quality foot massage mechanisms are located on the bottom of this foot rest. 3 different techniques are performed to your feet and soles, including scraping, rolling and kneading. These functions are performed at the same time with fully wrapped airbags, providing the luxury foot massage you deserve.


Heat Therapy

Fast acting heat therapy warms the lower back, penetrating muscle tissues and expanding blood vessels. This promotes blood circulation and allows your muscles to experience a deeper state of relaxation.


Air Massage Technology

The Kahuna SM Cloud integrates airbags into your full body massage experience. This airbag system has three inflation levels to ensure your massage remains perfectly aligned with your pressure preferences. The airbags apply pressure to the shoulders, arms, hips, legs, and feet.


Built-in Premium Speakers & Bluetooth Technology

Easily connect a mobile device to your chair and enjoy your favorite music while you get a massage. A high-quality built-in system ensures you don't have to deal with USB sticks or SD cards to incorporate music into your massage. Or listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook while you relax!


Music Sync Programs

Sync your beats! If music is what you prefer to listen to, this chair will be tons of fun. Sync your massage to the actual beat of your music with this sensational massage flow setting.


10 Automatic Programs

Ten massage programs are available at the touch of your remote. These programs include: 

  • Kahuna S Stretching
  • Cloud Relief
  • Spot Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Pain Relief
  • Music Sync
  • After Work
  • Golfer Mode
  • Cloud Squeeze
  • Sleep Aid


266.92 lbs


51 × 29 × 49 in

Rated voltage


Rated Frequency

50/60 Hz

Rated Power Consumption

230W Max

Dimension (LXWXH)

55.5 x 30.0 x 48.5 Inches

Net weight


Gross weight