Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX-Class Plush Mattress

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    This is like a cloud!

    We have been in the market for a new queen mattress for a while. As a firefighter/paramedic I wanted something that would give me a good nights sleep while I’m at home because I usually don’t get one at work. This mattress has been the best I have ever slept on. The cooling technology keeps me from getting hot during the night. The mattress is unbelievably comfy and helps me fall asleep faster than I ever have before. I have no complaints about this mattress, it’s definitely worth it!


    Technology bringing you the best sleep

    This mattress by Beautyrest, proves technology matters when it's used properly. Simmons has been perfecting the individual coil in mattresses since 1925. I used to work with this brand years ago, and actually took a tour of the Simmons factory in Kenosha, WI. I've seen them hand stitch and manually layer their mattresses first-hand. There is no company more qualified to create a Hybrid mattress than Simmons. They have at least 60 more years of experience developing individually pocketed coils than anyone else. They were the company to introduce the Queen and King sizes and were the first to bring the Hybrid mattress to market. This mattress proves they are still ahead of the curve. The 630 (for queen) T3 coils are not a gimmick. It is the most effective coil on the market for durability, motion reduction, and most importantly energy absorption. The secret is that they 3 ply steel like you would 3 ply fabric. Unlike almost everyone else, Simmons makes their own coils for Beautyrest, and uses a unique process that precompresses them. This means coils don't come down as much with your weight. The end result is the mattress doesn't dip as much while you're on it which gives it more strength, alignment, and comfort. There is no other major mattress brand that does this. What has always differentiated Beautyrest Black Hybrids from everyone else is their resilience and how supportive and responsive they feel. Their luxury hybrid formula relies on ingredients that make a durable, firm, and supportive mattress. They also warranty Black Hybrids for normal body impressions of only .75" or less. This means that if the mattress sinks only 3/4", you can get a full replacement. Everyone else is 1.5". This is why up until this mattress came out, they never released a Plush K-Class Hybrid. It's not something that would seem achievable. The Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX Plush in Queen, is the first of its kind, and most importantly, it delivers. The mattress keeps you in great alignment, but it's still soft. You can feel how every layer works in tandem with the next to create the ultimate hybrid plush sleeping experience. The Self-Response Latex, energy foam, and 2000 nano coils have been integrated with a unique comfort layer to provide ultimate support AND pressure relief at the same time. On top of that, they've added cashmere, alpaca, and silk for added comfort, breathability, and cooling. Their AirCool Memory foam is also unique as it allows for movement and is very responsive. Other luxury memory foams on the market will advertise that they reduce motion transfer, but this also means if you want to move around, it becomes much more difficult. This mattress reduces motion transfer without reducing your easability to actually move around or get out of bed. The K-series Beautyrest mattresses have one of the best cooling systems as well. It is designed not just to freeze you out, but to bring your body to an ideal temperature for sleeping. The secret is in maximum breathability that starts at the very top layer and works its way down to the perforated coil pockets. Every layer of foam breaths as much as possible without loss in support. You'll want to compliment this with a breathable protector and sheets. The only drawback is that this mattress is excessively thick at 15". You will probably want to either lower your adjustable base, (most have adjustable legs) or get a thinner low-profile box spring or bunkie board. We actually ended up just using a bunkie board instead of a box spring altogether. Also, you will need deep-pocketed sheets. Bottom line is if you want the best supportive and soft Hybrid mattress money can buy, this is the mattress you've been waiting for. Over 100 years of sleep science developed by Simmons has evolved into the Beautyrest Black Hybrid KX-Class in Plush Queen.


    A great nights sleep!

    I couldn't be happier with this mattress. I usually look for a medium to firm mattress and this one is a great middle point of comfort and support. The thickness of the mattress provides structure and support and the soft top hugs your body and seemed to help me from rolling around during the night. In the first few weeks of having this mattress I havent found any areas of concern. Fair warning when purchasing though while the thickness is great for sleep it definitely takes some muscle to move. Hoping to have this mattress for a long time!


    Don't hesitate, buy this mattress!

    The first night I slept on this bed I felt like I melted into the mattress. This mattress is not too firm and provides good support. The memory foam contours my body when I sleep but does not give way too much. This was an excellent purchase and I would recommend to anyone who likes firm supportive mattress with a bit of a softer cushy memory foam feel. But this most definitely helped my back not to hurt. Also I’ve had this for over a month now and I’ve noticed that I fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and feel more rested overall. I am a side/ back sleeper. The mattress is super thick so you will need deep pocket sheets and it gives my room an elegant feel.