Size Guide: Is a Twin Mattress Right For You?

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A mattress can make or break the quality, quantity, and comfort of your sleep. One of the most important considerations when choosing which is right for you is the mattress size. When it comes to size, there’s quite a wide variance in your options, all the way from a 38 inch by 75 inch twin sized mattress to the much larger king. How do you know which mattress size will work best for you? 


Generally speaking, there are three major considerations: how many people will sleep on the mattress, the size of those people, and the size of the room the mattress will go in. In this post, we’re going to break down the best choices for the smallest of sleepers and spaces: the twin size mattress.


Twin size mattresses are one of the most popular mattress size choices, rivaled only by the queen. They are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, perfect for a younger child or someone with a limited amount of space. A twin xl size mattress, most commonly found in college dorm rooms, adds an extra 5 inches of length. So, when are twin mattresses the right choice?


Mattress size guide.

Small Bodies


In terms of size, twin mattresses are the next step up from a crib. Because of this, they’re a natural fit for toddlers transitioning from a crib to their first “big kid bed.” They’re big enough that a child will have plenty of room to spread out, but small enough that it can easily replace a crib. Many children can feel overwhelmed by the transition from a crib to a real bed, and the small size of a twin mattress can help quell some of their discomfort by keeping them nice and cozy. 


Additionally, they’re great choices for teenagers and younger adults who don’t require too much space to spread out. Twin mattresses work well for individuals who like to feel snug. They comfortably fit a single body, though taller individuals may want to opt for a twin xl in order to get the extra 5 inches of length. 


Small Spaces


Twin beds used to be commonplace in apartments and boarding houses because of their compact size. Now, one of the most common places you’ll encounter a twin bed is in a college dormitory (if you’ve ever been tasked with the painful job of having to buy twin xl sheets for a college freshman, you know this).Twin and twin xl mattresses are excellent choices for college students living in dorms and studio apartments, as they provide just enough room without overcrowding and already cramped space.


Similarly, twin and twin xl size mattresses are good choices for single young adults living in small apartments with minimal square footage. When space is an issue, opting for a twin can be the best way to maximize the room you do have. However, if you’re a couple, or someone who likes to roll around, you might want to opt for a full mattress instead.


When it comes down to it, the right mattress size for you really depends on your unique preferences, situation, and sleeping style. The best way to know which mattress size fits just right is to come in to a store and test out the options for yourself. When you’re ready to find your next mattress, come visit us at your nearest Sleep First, where we’ll be waiting to help you guide you towards your best sleep ever.

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