Shopping for a New Mattress? Always Try Before You Buy

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Whether shopping for a new mattress or a pillow set, everyone loves the idea of getting a new deal. But not every purchase results in a great experience.


Here's a common storyline.


You buy a brand new mattress online and sleep on it for one night, and you wake up regretting why you bought it.  Maybe it's much stiffer than the old mattress or not as comfortable as the one you slept on at the store. You get rid of the pillow tops due to body impressions.


Now you’re wondering whether you made a BIG mistake mattress shopping. Sounds like a deja vu?


Buyer Remorse Statistics 


You're not alone. Americans spent over $70 billion on items or products on sale only to regret the decision after making the purchase. Apparel is the #1 regret surprisingly, major shopping regrets come from shopping for clothing and shoes, not big-ticket items. Electronics are up next, accounting for 51% of regrettable purchasing, while food and alcohol round up the top three most common regrets by shoppers. 


29.3% of shoppers regret their furniture purchases, including mattresses and adjustable bases, with more men than women lamenting about their purchase.


Ways to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse with mattress purchase


A new mattress is an investment that will cost you significant money.  You want to make sure you get the right mattress the first time to avoid lamenting about your purchase a day after making your purchase.


Don’t buy when in doubt

If you’re unsure about buying something, it’s better to hold your decision. Research shows that customers are less likely to regret if they fail to buy a product than they would have they bought it.


Know what you're looking for in a new mattress

Decide what comfort and firmness levels work for you. Factor in pressure relief and your sleep position. Consider available space, accompanying accessories, and whether you sleep with your partner.


Avoid sales and promotions until you are decided

Stay away from sales as they often lead to buying regrets. It’s often difficult to resist the urge to buy when multiple products are on sale. Online promotions like Black Friday may feel like a bonanza until the items are shipped to your location. Before you splurge, decide how much you’d like to spend and what items you’ll buy. Make shopping list and stick to it.


Understand your sleep style

Everyone has a sleeping position. Whether you’re a stomach sleeper or back sleeper, you’ll likely have a soft spot for a certain type of mattress. Go with a mattress that’s compatible with your sleeping style and habits. Read our mattress guide to learn more.


Avoid going to soft

A common pitfall for mattress buyers is associating mattress softness for comfort. Big Mistake! Sleeping on a cloud-like mattress may feel nice and relaxing, but the truth is you won’t get enough support to prop up your spine in a neutral position. A sign that you’re sleeping on a soft mattress is when heavy parts of the body – hips and shoulders - sink into the mattress. When this happens, pressure can start building on your spine, forcing you to toss and turn at night.


Take your time at a brick and mortar store

Never rush your decisions. Spend at least 20 minutes trying out a new mattress to determine if it’s comfortable or supportive enough. You may feel a lot of pressure as you explore different mattress options or lie on a bed on the showroom with sales reps hovering. Don’t give into the pressure or pull the trigger yet, unless you’re satisfied. Remember new innerspring beds, just like a brand new hybrid mattress, may take a bit of time breaking in before you get accustomed to it.


Look for favorable return policies

Most online mattress stores provide full-back money back guarantee, whereas local mattress stores usually charge a delivery fee and a pick up fee should you decide to return a mattress. Be wary of stores that deduct re-stocking fee from your refund. At Sleep First, you can exchange/return your mattress within 120 days, provided you keep the mattress clean.


Always Try Before You Buy?

Want to avoid buyer's remorse after buying a new mattress? Try it first. Remove your shoes and crawl on the mattress right to the middle. Lie on the mattress, roll around, and experience how it hugs and conforms to your body. Pressure points should sink in while being firmly supported by the core, as your spine remains straight. Your hand should not slide out fast when you place it under the waist and your partner plop down along the edge. If it does, look for a medium-firm mattress or a supportive mattress. Hybrid mattresses with individually wrapped coils are a great choice for back and stomach sleepers. Comfort top of your mind? Consider pillowtop mattresses.


20 minutes is enough to decide whether the mattress is good enough. Many mattress companies offer longer trials to customers for all latex foam and other mattress types. A good mattress always results in a good night's sleep. You'll wake up energized, and live a happier life.


Shop for the Right Mattress

You spend a third of your life sleeping. So, it makes sense to invest in a mattress that ensures you enjoy quality sleep each night. However, finding the right mattress takes effort, knowledge, and time. In between navigating the local mattress stores and websites, you may find yourself debating whether to get a memory foam or innerspring, and deciding the right mattress size., mattress firmness, and how much to spend to get a good night's sleep.


Want to avoid buyer remorse when shopping for mattresses online and in-store? Come to a Sleep First Mattress store near you along with your spouse and try out a couple of new memory foam and innerspring mattresses from different brands. Serta, Sealy, Tempur-Pedic, Kingsdown, Awara, you name it - we've got them. We have the best mattress for stomach sleepers and side sleepers. Your Sleep First sales associate will arrange for your new mattress to be shipped to your location, free of charge. With the 120-night sleep trial, you can sleep on the memory foam mattress or innerspring mattress and determine how it feels and responds to your body.


Is it better to buy a mattress online or in stores?

While buying a mattress online seems convenient, you can't compare that with the feeling of walking into a brick and mortar store and experiencing all foam mattresses in person. You can feel the texture, comfort, firmness, weight, and the size of memory foam mattresses or foam beds. Plus, you can speak to a Sleep Expert with vast experience in the mattress industry. Visit a Sleep First mattress store and test out your dream mattress.

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