In the Market for a New Mattress? Here's What to Ask the Mattress Expert

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In the market for a new hybrid or memory foam mattress this year? If you don't know where to start, it can feel daunting.

When the time comes to buy your next mattress you have more options than ever from a great selection. You might be wondering, why should I take the time to go to a mattress store, when I can just order a mattress-in-a-box from one of those online mattress stores I've seen on Instagram?

And we get it, your time is valuable… which is why we at Sleep First believe it's one hundred percent worth it to take the time to make sure the queen size mattress or king size mattress you buy is the perfect mattress for you and can guarantee you a good night's sleep.

Why Visit a Mattress Store?

Unfortunately, we've seen over and over again that customers just aren't satisfied with the mattresses they've bought online. If they would have tested it out in stores and talked through their needs with a sleep expert, they would have known that before they invested time, money, and effort into getting it. 

When you're able to actually test out a variety of mattresses, and even a bed frame, and get mattress advice from sleep experts who know all about matching people with mattresses that fit their needs, you're a lot more likely to get it right the first time. And besides, it's just hard to make a big decision when you can't actually touch or see the item you're considering. 

Because of this, we always suggest you chat with a sleep expert about your sleep wants and needs. Wondering what exactly to ask when you come in for your new mattress? We've got you covered!

5 Questions to Ask the Mattress Expert

Whenever you visit mattress stores, it's always a good idea to ask questions about the type of mattress you want in relation to your sleeping needs. You probably didn't do this with your old mattress. Our Mattress FAQ tackles some questions. But just to be sure you're making the right choice, ask these five questions on your visit.

What are all of my mattress options?

Start with the basics. There are many different mattress brands, sizes, and feels. Some mattresses are better for side sleepers, while some are better for back sleepers. Some materials sleep cooler than others. Box springs, memory foam, and latex mattress models are all available. The more information you have about mattress sets, the more able you are to find the absolute best mattress for your needs and wants. Getting to talk face-to-face with an expert who knows the options will help you narrow down your selection now and for all your future purchases.

What do you recommend for (insert your specific needs here)?

Once you know all your options, it's time to get specific. Letting your mattress expert know what your specific needs are -- whether it's a mattress that will help with back pain, your perfect comfort, and support, or the best mattress for a couple -- will help you identify which mattresses will be your best bet. Your mattress expert knows the specific mattress features, latest technologies, and industry recommendations, and will be able to guide you towards the right mattress for your unique sleeping needs.

Can I test out the mattress?

Now comes the fun part! Testing the entire mattress. Remember, the main reason you put on pants and left your house was to get a full-sensory experience. Let your mattress expert show you your top choices, and get comfy! Roll around and lay on each of the different mattresses just like you would if you were home. Don't worry about looking weird, this is what a mattress store is for! At Sleep First, we want you to feel comfortable and relaxed so you can find the bed that's right for you.

Is Sleep First currently offering any deals?

Once you know what mattress you're taking home with you, make sure you're getting it for the best price! Ask your mattress expert about ongoing Sleep First mattress sales. You can get a free adjustable base with a new mattress. There are always special discounts available in-store, and we'll be able to connect you with them so you can sleep much more soundly. Check our website and social media. We honor our low price promise for one full year after your purchase, so you know you're going to get the best deal.

How do I best care for my mattress?

So you've found your perfect mattress and bought it for the best deal. Now you'll want to make sure you make the most of your investment. You can get a mattress protector and a mattress pad to extend your mattress's life. Your mattress expert will be able to recommend tips and tricks to maximize the life of your new mattress, so you can sleep happily and comfortably for the entire lifespan of your mattress.

When you're in the store shopping around, lots more questions might come up (that's another reason why it's helpful to talk with mattress experts!). A mattress is an important investment, one you'll use every single night, so don't be shy in asking anything that comes to mind. Come visit us at your nearest Sleep First -- we'll be waiting to talk through your needs and guide you towards the best mattress for you. We have high quality mattresses with a comfort guarantee from all the top mattress brands, all available at the best prices. Mattress firm and other stores can't match.

Want Answers for Your Mattress Questions? Visit Our Mattress Store or Call

In the market for a Tempur Pedic, Serta, or Sealy mattress? Feel free to call, email, or click the chat icon in the bottom corner of your screen- we're here for you! Want VIP treatment and great customer service? You can also book a private shopping experience with a trained mattress professional, in a zero-pressure environment here. And keep an eye on our mattress sales to make sure you're getting it for the best price possible!

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