Buying Guide: The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

From what temperature you like best to which fabrics feel the coziest, there are many factors that go into your perfect night of sleep. The most important element of all, however, is your mattress. And in order to know which mattress will lead to your perfect sleep, you’ll want to answer this question: do you sleep on your side, your back, or your stomach?

We’re beginning our sleep position series with the most common answer to that question: side. Nearly 75% of people are side sleepers, and chances are that you sleep on your side for at least part of the night. Different mattresses work best for different sleep styles, and if you have a mattress that's wrong for your particular sleep position preferences, you're likely not getting the best sleep you could be getting. Side sleeping is gentle on your neck, but can put excess pressure on your arms and legs, leading to soreness and imapired circulation. To remedy this, choose a mattress that specifically accommodates side sleeping.

So, what are the best mattresses for side sleepers? Side sleepers do best with softer mattresses, as softness allows for optimal circulation. If you go to firm, you could end up with a sore hip or a tingly arm. Memory foam or hybrid mattresses are good choices for side sleepers, as they offer an ideal mix of comfort and support.  If you like what you're reading and are wondering what your options are, here are a few of our favorite hybrid mattress picks fromNectar,Tempur-Pedic, andStears & Foster:

The Nectar Mattress

With its quilted gel memory foam, the Nectar mattress conforms to your body and molds itself around your pressure points, providing a comfortable and supportive sleep to side sleepers. Because of its contouring abilities, this is a great choice for couples who have differing sleep preferences. Plus, it'sbudget friendly!

Tempur-Proadapt 12” Mattress in Soft

This Tempur-Pedic combines the latest mattress technologies for advanced pressure relief and deep relaxation. With the advanced pressure relief of the Tempur-Proadapt, even heavier side sleepers will be able to snooze comfortably and maintain proper circulation. Additionally, it's SmartClimate® Dual Cover System features a zip-off, cooling outer layer as well as a super-stretch inner layer, maximizing comfort and convenience. 

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock Mattress

The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock Mattress is one of the very best mattresses on the market for side sleepers. With supportive IntelliCoil® HD plus Indulge Memory Foam, it's equal parts cozy and supportive. Additionally, it's covered in Tencel, sustainably sourced fiber designed to wick away moisture and keep you dry and comfortable, while it's PrecisionEdge™ System provides lasting edge support. And because it carries the Stearns & Foster® name, you can rest assured that it's built to last!

When you’re considering which mattress is right for you, you’ll want to take into account your own individual comfort preferences and circumstances, as well as your preferred sleeping position. The best way to know which mattress feels just right is to come in to a store and try out the options for yourself! When you’re ready to find your next mattress, comevisit us at your nearest Sleep First. We’ll be waiting to help guide you towards your perfect night’s sleep.