Buying Guide: Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

Your personal ideal night of sleep involves a variety of different elements: the ideal temperature, the correct lighting and the coziest linens. And of course, the most important element of all: the perfect mattress

There are a few different factors that go into choosing your perfect mattress, too. You have to choose a material: traditional innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid? Then you’ll want to consider your mattress size preference: twin, full, queen, or king?  And finally, there is your preferred sleeping position: back, side, or stomach? 

Certain mattresses work best for certain sleeping positions, and if you’re sleeping on a mattress that's the wrong fit for your particular sleep preferences, your comfort levels and sleep quality will likely suffer. Today we're continuing our sleep position series with the best mattresses for one of the least common (but highly beloved) positions: stomach sleeping. 

If you are a stomach sleeper, chances are you've heard that it’s not the most beneficial position and can be hard on your back. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to switch it up and give up your favorite position! All you need to get the optimal nighttime support and comfort is the right mattress. 

Because stomach sleeping isn't as conducive to natural spinal alignment as other positions, those who prefer to belly-flop into bed at night should pay extra attention to the firmness of their mattress. Stomach sleepers need good spinal support and pressure point relief, and so the best mattresses for stomach sleepers are on the firmer side. Additionally, because of they way they “hug” their mattress,  stomach sleepers are the most likely to get hot during the night and benefit from mattresses with cooling technology. Finally, the stomach sleepers who like to sprawl out should pay special attention to the edge support of their mattress.

So, what are the best mattresses for stomach sleepers? Generally speaking, the best are firmer mattresses with cooling technology and edge support. If you like what you're reading and are wondering what your options are, here are a few of our favorite mattress picks fromSealy,Tempur-Pedic, andStearns & Foster:

Sealy Hybrid Chill Mattress

Especially great for stomach sleepers who tend to get hot and sweaty, the Sealy Hybrid Chill pairs exclusive Posturepedic Technology™ with innovative cover technologies to provide excellent support and pressure relief. Additionally, its DuoChill™ cooling system keeps you at the perfect temperature, while it's Immersion™ advanced memory foam and Comfortsense™ foam conform to your unique shape and provide you with a breathable, comfortable sleep. It also has an excellent coil edge system and zoned support technologies, so you get excellent and lasting support, no matter how close to the edge you like to sprawl.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt 11" Mattress

The TEMPUR-Adapt® medium hybrid mattress pairs premium spring coils with the original TEMPUR® support layer to provide excellent support and a nice cool feel for all stomach sleepers And since it’s a Tempur-Pedic, you know you’re getting a high-quality, high-comfort mattress. It's a fantastic choice for stomach sleepers looking for a mattress at asuper-affordable price point

Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston Firm Mattress

The Stearns and Foster Estate Hurston Firm Mattress is luxury at its finest. With advanced cooling technology, enhanced support, and supreme comfort, this is a stomach sleepers dream come true. It's lush cushion top is handcrafted for superb quality, allowing you to sleep comfortably and cozy all night long. And with it's unique IntelliCoil® system, it provides some of the best support and pressure relief you can find.

When you’re considering which mattress is right for you, you’ll want to consider your personal comfort preferences and situation, as well as your preferred sleeping position. The best way to know which mattress feels just right is to come in to a store and try out the options for yourself! When you’re ready to find your next mattress, comevisit us at your nearest Sleep First. We’ll be waiting to help guide you towards your perfect night’s sleep.