Cuddle Season Buying Guide: Best Mattresses For Couples

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by Sleep First 6 min read

It's cuddle season, which mean we are all probably spending more time in our beds than usual. If you sleep next to a partner, you may or may not be feeling a little, let's say...crowded. 


While sharing a bed can be a happy and intimate experience, picking out that bed is a whole different story. Between different sleeping needs, preferences, and past experiences, it can seem like choosing a mattress as a couple inevitably leaves at least one of you uncomfortable and unhappy.


However, it doesn’t have to be this way! With open communication, a desire to find the best fit for the both of you, and the following considerations, you and your significant other can choose your mattress and be on your way to blissful, harmonious sleep in no time:


Tips for choosing the best mattress for couples

  1. Have a conversation before you shop. Everyone has different sleeping needs and preferences. No matter how similar you and your significant other might be, it's likely that you there’s at least one thing you disagree on. Talk about whether you each prefer soft or firm mattresses. Discuss hybrid versus memory foam options. Figure out what size each of you have in mind. Knowing each other's desires upfront helps you narrow down your choices and save time later.

  1. Once you've talked it out, create a list. Figure out what the most important things are to both of you, and what doesn't matter so much. Write down your common desires, as well as the features that you individually feel strongly about. This will help you narrow down your choices further, as well as guide you through the shopping process. 

  1. Meet in the middle. If you’re having trouble deciding between a soft mattress and a firm one, consider going with a medium feel mattress. Medium feel mattresses are also good if you have different sleeping positions or different body sizes, as they accommodate the widest range of needs and preferences. 

  1. Size matters. While queen size mattresses are the most common choice, they aren't always the best. They’re not the best for couples who don’t like to cuddle too close, however— at 60 inches wide, they offer less sleeping space than a twin per person. However, if you’re on a tighter budget or shopping for a small space, a queen might be the way to go. King sized mattresses offer more than enough space for both partners, as well as for any kids or pets who may want to join in. A king provides 30% more sleeping space than a queen and allow each person to comfortably stretch out, making them a good choice for couples who value their personal space. 

  1. Shop together. All of this considered, sometimes you just need to flop down and test out the different choices for yourselves. The best way to know what mattresses feel good to both of you is to come into a store and try out the options, to find one that feels like heaven to both of you. 

At the end of the day, choosing the right mattress for both you and your significant other depends on both of your unique preferences and needs. When you’re ready to find your next mattress, come visit us at your nearest Sleep First to experience first-hand what our happy customers are saying about our top-notch selection, customer care, and good deals. We’ll be waiting to talk through your needs and guide you towards the best mattress for you.



Questions? Feel free to call, email or click the chat icon in the bottom corner of your screen-- we're here for you! Want the VIP treatment? You can also book a private shopping experience with a trained mattress professional, in a zero-pressure environment here. And keep an eye on our mattress sales to make sure you’re getting it for the best price possible!


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