How Massage Chairs Can Help You Combat Anxiety

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by Sleep First 3 min read

Stressed? Between the many stressors of work, family and daily life, combined with the heightened levels of uncertainty that many of us have felt this year, chances are that the answer is a resounding YES! As annoying as it can be, anxiety sometimes seems like an inevitable component of modern life. 

Thankfully for all of us, massage chairs can help. They trigger a relaxation response that helps regulate your cortisol levels. In case you need a refresher, cortisol is the stress hormone that, when working properly, wakes us up in the morning, keeps our energy levels steady, and decreases at night to help us sleep. 

When we’re anxious our cortisol gets dysregulated, keeping us stuck in cycles of stress. It also makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Massage chairs help regulate your cortisol levels, keeping you calm and steady.

Another way massage chairs help with anxiety is by helping you sleep better and deeper. Research suggests that more sleep is correlated to better mood, more emotional stability, and general feelings of well-being. On the contrary, sleep deprivation is linked to higher emotional reactivity, a lower tolerance for stress, impaired decision making, and even an increase in anxiety and chronic stress.

Massage chairs also help boost your endorphin levels. Endorphins are the "feel good" chemicals that your body makes that keep you happy, energized and relaxed. This counteracts your stress and anxiety response, helping you calm down and relax.

A few of of the most relaxing massage chairs we have are...

1. OS-4D Pro Paragon massage chair. Therapeutic heat has also been shown to boost your natural immunity, making a chair with heater rollers extraeffective. If that sounds good to you, check out the OS-4D Pro Paragon massage chair, which has the most upgraded back heating system available. The roller itself heats up, acting like a hot stone massage. This heated back roller allows for a far greater surface heating area, allowing you to experience the luxury of hot stones warming the muscles from your neck to your hamstrings.

2. The Cozzia Qi SE Massage Chair. Reduce stress by renewing your calf and knee energy with our massage chair. The Cozzia Qi SE has heated air compression sleeves on the legs that move up and down automatically to massage both the knees and calves.

3. Osaki OS-Aster. Most of us carry a LOT of tension on our neck and shoulders. Targeted massage helps melt all that tension away! This chair features 6 different automatic massage programs, including one that specifically targets massage on the neck and shoulder areas.

At Sleep First, we want to help you find everything you need for your optimal sleep and relaxation for the best value possible. If you're interested in getting your own massage chair, or if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using massage chairs, don't hesitate to visit one of our locations or even chat online with one of our massage chair experts. Questions? Click the chat icon in the bottom corner of your screen-- we're here for you!

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